Vin Diesel Could End Up Racing Dinosaurs In Next Fast & Furious

Is there a wild scenario for Fast & Furious that Vin Diesel would say no to? Dinosaurs may push that limit.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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There are some movies where the precision of plot and physical realities are important to the storytelling. In those films, the audience is bothered when a historical date is mistakenly referenced. And then, there’s Fast & Furious, a franchise where audiences need to accept the implausible so they can enjoy the increasingly wild and ridiculous stunts created to blow their minds and offer a fun ride. If Vin Diesel isn’t going bigger and better each film, then what’s the point?

The problem, of course, is in how to go bigger in each movie. How does the creative team behind the franchise continue to push boundaries so their stories stay fresh? How do they find wild new stunts for Vin Diesel and team? How do they keep audiences coming back for more? Well, according to what insider Daniel Richtman is sharing with his Patreon page, Universal Pictures currently wants to do a Fast & Furious and Jurassic Park crossover movie.

Is this ludicrous? Is it difficult to believe what Richtman is claiming? Actually, no. The best part of this rumor is that it doesn’t come out of nowhere. A couple of months ago, director Justin Lin and many of the cast and crew were at a press conference for Fast & Furious 9. One person bravely asked if they had ever considered a Fast & Furious and Jurassic World crossover. After all, both franchises are owned by Universal Pictures. Why not take the opportunity to have Vin Diesel hanging out with dinosaurs? To this, Justin Lin said that he never says never to anything, so it’s possible. Michelle Rodgriguez, who plays Letty in the series, really latched on to the idea.

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez

As if she were thinking out loud, the actress discussed how crossover events are usually not an option because of getting the rights to a project. So why couldn’t Vin Diesel team up with Chris Pratt for an ultimate adventure? Right?

We still don’t know what Vin Diesel thinks about this, but he seems like someone who is up for a lot of strangely exciting projects. Since he has voiced Groot for Guardians of the Galaxy, he likely knows Chris Pratt well enough. The connections are there. And when this idea was brought up at the press conference, the internet ate it up. This had to appear encouraging to Universal Pictures. Why wouldn’t they at least be considering such a thing? Wouldn’t most people want to see it just to see how they manage to pull together such a weird story event?

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The crossover idea for this franchise is one that has been thrown around online for a while. Here, SlashFilm is talking about the possibility in 2017. Now, the idea for a Vin Diesel and Chris Pratt crossover event is picking up more steam, especially if Daniel Richtman is correct and Universal is now interested. The timing makes sense for the franchises as well. Jurassic World: Dominion will be releasing in 2022. The movie is expected to change the franchise. The producer says it will be the start of a “new era“. Meanwhile, Fast & Furious is ending its main storyline with number 11. This means there will be other spinoffs, but Vin Diesel’s long run in the main line for the franchise will be completed after only a couple more films. With such big events happening for both of these franchises, the timing couldn’t be better for a major crossover event.

Of course, none of this means that a project like this will happen, but it’s interesting to hear a rumor that the studio is considering it. Perhaps they know that the fan conversations online have grown so interested that they’d be silly to miss the opportunity if it could make sense. It would be fascinating to sit in the writer’s room for that project. Hopefully, someone will film Vin Diesel reacting to the idea if it officially gets proposed to him.