Umbrella Academy Season 3: New Powers To Be Revealed

By Rick Gonzales | 2 months ago

The Umbrella Academy season 3

With two critically acclaimed seasons in the book for Netflix’s hit Umbrella Academy, the immediate question is: What the heck is with Ben, is he alive now? Those are questions which can only be answered by The Umbrella Academy season 3. But it is happening?

This is everything we know about The Umbrella Academy season 3 so far.


Netflix announce

Netflix has not officially announced the return of The Umbrella Academy for season 3 yet.

Even showrunner and executive producer Steve Blackman is in the dark. But that’s not to say he isn’t already prepared for an Umbrella Academy season 3. He spoke, via CINEMABLEND, about the possibility of a season 3, “I don’t want to give too much away. But if we get a Season 3, I’ve already worked out in my mind what it is. I know what Season 3 is. I think clearly we’re in the world of The Sparrows. Hotel Oblivion is obviously something that’s really exciting, but I don’t want to give too much away. But if there’s a Season 3, I think it’ll be a very exciting Season 3. Both the graphic novel fans and our new fans will love it.”

Obviously, we NEED Umbrella Academy season 3 as the twists were huge in the season finale. Especially that final scene, which was probably a surprise for both fans of the comics and fans who never read the comic. Season 2 was set up to pave the way for season 3 and given that the show’s ratings are huge it’s probably safe to assume The Umbrella Academy season 3 will happen. It’s just not official yet.


Ben in Season 3

Just to be clear, Ben is definitely alive now in the world of The Umbrella Academy. That was not him in ghost form, in the season 2 finale’s final moments. We know because EP Steve Blackman has confirmed it.

Blackman explains, “What’s great about Ben is we love Justin (Justin H. Min portrays Number 6/Ben Hargreeves). He’s such a great actor. You know, he’s been with Klaus, with Robert Sheehan, for so long and not really interacting with anyone else, and we wanted to keep him around and find another life for Ben. So I was very careful to let him know that his death scene would be coming up, but there would be a surprise in Episode 10. Clearly, without giving anything away, the Ben we meet at the very end of 10 is corporeal. He’s of the real world, and he’s somebody that I think we’re gonna get to know if there’s a Season 3.”

The actor himself, Justin Min, expressed his feelings on his “new” character when he spoke at the Television Critics Association‘s summer press tour. “He’s not a ghost. I can tell you that. He’s alive. I think one of the biggest things that we really wanted to do was create as much of a contrast from ghost-Ben to Sparrow-Academy-Ben as possible. So while these guys were dealing with the crazy snowstorm and shooting of Episode 10, I was in the makeup and hair trailer figuring out this new Ben’s look.”


The Umbrella Academy season 3

Time-travel plays a huge role in both seasons 1 and 2 of Umbrella Academy. As season 2 ends and the reveal that both Ben and his father are still alive and well, the Hargreeves family has a shocking revelation, not that Ben and father aren’t shocking. They realize the 2019 they have returned to isn’t the one they left.

Both Ben and their father do not recognize them. They also come to realize that their Umbrella Academy is not that, it is now called the Sparrow Academy. Cut scene, fade to black. Perfect as a lead into The Umbrella Academy season 3 and back to what Blackman mentioned at the start. The Sparrows and Hotel Oblivion.

While we may not know much about the Sparrows in the Netflix show, comic book creators Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá have dropped some clues. They speak about “Volume Three” of the comic, where it is revealed that all the villains the Hargreeves have defeated return for some comeuppance. The Hargreeves have a tough time fighting off all of them until a group of young superheroes arrives to help fight off the baddies. This group, instead of wearing umbrella patches wear bird patches, hence the Sparrows.

In addition to exploring this new world there’s still that Umbrella Academy season 3 revelation that Reginald Hargreeves is apparently an alien. None of our heroes know this yet, but since they revealed it to the audience in season 2 expect them to find out in season 3.

When asked about the focus of Umbrella Academy season 3, Blackman had this to say to The Wrap: “They’re all sort of growing up. I like to think as we go forward that their powers are also evolving. They’re learning new things. They were trained until they were 14 or 15 by a very dysfunctional dad but then the family blew apart before they could finish their training. … They might even discover in the future that their powers are stronger when they’re together.”

Blackman also adds that we should expect to meet more of the babies born with unusual powers. He explains, “I think it’s fair to say that we will definitely meet more of them going forward. It’s established within the show that there are others. There’s Lila, and if there’s Lila, then there are more.”


The Umbrella Academy season 3

The series’ showrunner and his actors are simply waiting for the green light go for Umbrella Academy season 3 from Netflix. All actors are primed to return, Blackman has already stated season 3 is fully formed and ready to rock.

Min has spoken out about his “real” character. Even Aidan Gallagher, who plays Number Five, told CINEMABLEND what little he knows about a possible Umbrella Academy season 3 saying, “Oooh. Well, even though we can be in spoiler territory for Season 2, for Season 3, my lips must remain sealed. We have hints; Steve gives us hints. But we truly don’t know what the storyline is until we actually get a pick-up notice and he can bring us in for the third-season pitch meeting.”

It’s nice being left out of the loop, so when the surprises come, they are actual surprises. Now we just need Netflix to step it up and order themselves a season 3 so we can all be surprised together.

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