Tom Hiddleston Has A Brand New Series On The Way

Tom Hiddleston has been added to lead yet another series, but unfortunately, it is not the highly anticipated Loki Season 2.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Tom Hiddleston is currently working on a new series, but it’s not the highly anticipated Loki Season 2. AppleTV+ is currently buying up tons of property and landing some big-name actors as of late. It could be due to the streaming platform winning a Best Picture Oscar for the film, CODA. Apple should be proud of that fact considering they are the first streaming platform to do so. Now they have landed Hiddleston for a brand-new series called The White Darkness. This series will be the second in which the man has been cast for the streaming platform.

The White Darkness is based on a non-fiction book by the author, David Grann. It follows the true-life story of Henry Worsley, who obsesses over adventure and exploring Antarctica on foot. Worsley is described as a former soldier, devoted husband, and father, one which holds the values of honor and sacrifices deep within his ideology. However, his lust for adventure and exploration leads the man to want to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. The series is being put together by Soo Hugh and Mark Heyman. Hugh currently has another series on AppleTV+, which is an adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko. Heyman is famous for having written Black Swan. This will be Hugh’s second series on the platform. It will also be Tom Hiddleston’s second series as well, as he is starring alongside Clare Danes in The Essex Serpent.

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Tom Hiddleston seems to be slowly but surely moving his way away from appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At least that is what it seems like as of right now considering he is going to be part of two different television shows. Loki wrapped up last year, and there is no telling when that MCU property is going to start its second season. There is the possibility that the show goes the WandaVision route and only has one season and moves on. Loki knows all about the multiverse and the sacred timeline, so it would make sense for him to appear in different MCU films and or shows at this point. For now, the man will be busy with his other exploits before heading back to Disney+ for Loki Season 2. That’s not to mention that he is also slated to appear in a political thriller called White Stork. Seems like the man is transitioning well into his full-fledged television career.

Tom Hiddleston has become one of the biggest fan-favorite characters from the entirety of the MCU but is clearly staying busy until there is word that Loki will appear at some point. The White Darkness has only been announced, and he has both The Essex Serpent and White Stork on the way. Both those shows are in the post-production stages, so it could mean that The White Darkness is set to be his next foray into the television world. While there has been no official word yet, hopefully, he can return to Loki sooner rather than later, and the actor would have three top series to his name happening around the same time. Not bad.