Tom Hiddleston Secretly Playing Loki In A Marvel Movie This Year? See The Evidence

A German voice actor has let it slip that Tom Hiddleston might be returning to the MCU a lot sooner than previously anticipated.

By James Brizuela | Published

loki season 2 tom hiddleston

Sometimes outside forces are the ones that let cameos slip, and sometimes it is the actors themselves. The most recent slipup comes in form of a German voice actor that translates for none other than Tom Hiddleston and Loki. The translator, named Peter Lontzek, recently revealed that he is currently working on an upcoming Marvel film that he cannot talk about. While Loki Season 2 is already a plan, there has not been any sort of update on when that could be happening. That left fans speculation that Hiddleston might be returning to the MCU fold in way of Doctor Strange 2 or possibly Thor: Love and Thunder. You can see the TikTok video from Lontzek below:

@svenplatesynchron Heute mit Peter Lontzek #avengers #marvel #justiceleague #peterlontzek #svenplate #loki #dereinminutenstar #fyp #fuerdich ♬ Originalton – Sven Plate Synchron

While the above video is spoken in German, translation has been graciously provided by Murphy’s Multiverse. According to Lontzek, “There is a new Marvel film that I am currently working on that I am not allowed to talk about.” Though this quick text translation could mean a myriad of upcoming Marvel films, the more recent ones that are set to release are Doctor Strange 2, which comes out on May 6th, and Thor: Love and Thunder, which follow on July 8th. With the multiverse essentially being revealed by Loki (Tom Hiddleston) during his series of the same name, it would make a ton of sense for the trickster to end up playing a part in that film.

Loki was the first series to also introduce Kane the Conquerer as a much different version that protected the sacred timeline, which was the timeline that exploded causing the multiverse to break apart and go wild. While the version of Kane that was introduced in Loki was killed by Tom Hiddleston’s female counterpart, he promised that his other variant would be none too forgiving and a lot more brutal. Kang is said to be Marvel’s next big baddie, so it would also make sense if this more brutal comic version that we all know to appear in Doctor Strange 2 was the threat that is unleashed by Strange’s spell. Strange effectively created a mind-wide spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home that saw the world forget Peter Parker is the Web Crawler, but that magic could have had a detrimental effect on the world. A multiverse could have been opened because of his magic, especially considering he seems to be on trial in the trailer.

Tom Hiddleston has certainly been one of the more perfect casted choices in the entirety of the MCU. While he was first introduced in Thor, he and Hemsworth remain dedicated to their respective roles, though they have been playing the same part for over 10 years. Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are so far the only two actors who have hung up their superhero gigs, for now. Seeing Hiddleston appears as Loki in even more projects is fine by all of us. He truly is a fantastic actor that has brought a certain expert level of tragedy, humor, and hope into his character.