Tom Hardy To Return As Bane?

A new rumor suggests that with The Flash supposedly opening up the multiverse, DC apparently wants Tom Hardy to return as Bane.

By Hayden Mears | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Bane The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy’s impressive turn as the imposing Bane stood tall as one of the highlights of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. He was terrifying, formidable, and very much a match for Christian Bale’s brilliant, calculating Batman. Not only did the story find Bruce Wayne battered, broken, and soundly beaten at Bane’s hands, but it also made Bane a vaguely sympathetic villain driven by love rather than complete, all-consuming hatred. But when The Dark Knight Rises ended and the credits rolled on Nolan’s epic story, so did any chance of us getting another glimpse of Hardy as Bane. At least, that is how it seemed at the time.

Gossip writer Daniel Richtman has posted a rumor that Warner Bros. wants Tom Hardy to return as Bane in an upcoming DC Extended Universe movie. It’s likely that if they are going that route that Andy Muschietti’s upcoming The Flash would be the easiest entry point for an out-of-canon character such as Nolan-verse Bane. However, take this news with a grain of salt because it is only a rumor at this point. We probably won’t know for quite a while, but with so many rumors coming about what cameos we might see in The Flash, anything is possible.

While the chance of a Tom Hardy / Bane return is obviously intriguing and exciting, it is likely that he will not be a prominent character in whichever film he ends up being a part of. In fact, it is much easier to imagine him being a passing image as Barry Allen taps into the Speed Force and glimpses bits and pieces of other realities, basically, more of a crowd-pleasing cameo than a starring role. Honestly, that is probably the smarter, more prudent way for DC and Andy Muschietti to go, especially considering the fact that crafting an entire narrative around Bane may feel more contrived than the Warner Bros. executives would prefer.

Tom Hardy Bane The Dark Knight Rises

The thing is, with Michael Keaton rumored to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne / Batman in The Flash, the possibilities are kind of endless at this point as to what the DC Universe of films has in store. But unlike the probable smallness of Tom Hardy’s return – if he does, in fact, return at all – Keaton will reportedly be playing a large role in the highly-anticipated film. It will be great to see if The Flash director Muschietti can bridge these realities in a way that feels organic and interesting.

But even though The Flash has been in development for almost a decade, we know very little about what Muschiettei has in store with this film. We do know that the film is based on the Flashpoint storyline, and that Ezra Miller will be playing the title hero. Ben Affleck will also be returning to the role of Batman, and Sasha Calle will be joining the DC Universe as Supergirl. But as for everything else – including whether or not Tom Hardy appears – it’s all just rumors at this point.

If Tom Hardy’s Bane is indeed in The Flash – even in just a small role – we will find out for sure when the movie finally races into theaters in June 2022.