Tom Cruise Strikes Huge Deal For Original And Franchise Films

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Tom Cruise is consistently one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster draws, and now Warner Bros Discovery has locked him down. The Hollywood Reporter says that Cruise is teaming with movie studio chiefs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy to develop and produce new original and franchise films in which Cruise would star. Cruise will also move his production company into offices on Warner Bros. Discovery’s Burbank lot.

Tom Cruise Studio Deal

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While Tom Cruise is still set to work with Paramount and other studios on upcoming films, this is the first formal deal that Cruise has had with a studio since 2006.

Cruise will continue to work with Paramount on his upcoming Mission: Impossible film and will work with Universal on his space movie with director Doug Liman. That film will see Cruise become the first civilian to walk outside of the ISS.

Some Of His Best Films

This would be far from the first time that Tom Cruise has worked under the Warner Bros banner.

Before it became Warner Bros Discovery, he worked for the studio on some of his best films like Edge of Tomorrow, Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut, Interview with the Vampire, Rock of Ages, and his breakthrough role, Risky Business.

Currently, there aren’t any announced projects for this new partnership, but they’ll surely be releasing that information as soon as possible.

Huge Win For Warner Bros

Nabbing Tom Cruise for this landmark deal is certainly a big win for Warner Bros Discovery, which has been having a tumultuous few years since the merger.

After David Zaslav took over, he made controversial decisions by cutting content from the Max platform, canceling various shows, and even canceling the virtually complete Batgirl movie.

While Warner Bros Discovery continues to struggle with properties like DC Films, it did have a huge win by releasing Barbie, which became the top-grossing movie of the year with over $1.4 billion at the global box office.

Box Office Champion

As Warner Bros Discovery points out in the press release for the announcement, Tom Cruise’s movies have grossed over $13 billion at the worldwide box office throughout his career.

It seems Warner Bros Discovery has been gradually righting the ship after summer’s big Barbie win. Along with adding Cruise to the roster, it also has a fresh new plan for DC Films, pivoting from the now-defunct DCEU to the DCU.

Tom Cruise + DC

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While Warner Bros Discovery’s DC films disappointed at the box office this year, the company is hoping that bringing on James Gunn to lead the new DCU could renew interest in the struggling superhero franchise.

That new direction will kick off with Gunn’s Superman: Legacy in 2025. It will be interesting to see if we also see one of Tom Cruise’s new WBD movies around the same time. 

The Future For Tom Cruise

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Who knows what the future holds for Tom Cruise and Warner Bros Discovery’s partnership, but it will be interesting to see. Cruise most recently starred in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, which disappointed at the box office.

At the very least, this new partnership ensures Warner Bros Discovery won’t release another Barbie at the same time as Cruise’s Dead Reckoning Part Two.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter