Titans Season 4 Villain Reveals Himself In New Video

Joseph Morgan will play a major villain in Titans Season 4 and he took to social media to describe some aspects of his character

By Doug Norrie | Published

titans season 4

As Titans Season 4 starts to ramp up its production we are beginning to see some of how this next round of stories will shake out. It’s been a successful run for the series since hitting HBO Max back in 2018, a welcome addition to the DC Universe in that it gives a grittier and darker live-action adaptation of the titular group. This next season will introduce a new villain to the mix, offering possibly a different kind of story than we have seen in the past. Joseph Morgan was able to expand some on what this would look like as the show begins filming this next season. 

A video of Joseph Morgan went up on Twitter (via ComicBook.com) last week with the actor starting to give some details about Brother Blood, the character he will be playing in Titans Season 4. It’s clear that he is taking this role seriously and talked some about how this story will play out. It looks like it will be something of an origin story for the character, setting up just how Sebastian Blood ends up with the supervillain moniker before it is all said and done. Check out the video from Joseph Morgan about Brother Blood. 

Titans Season 4 won’t only see Joseph Morgan joining the cast as the villain Brother Blood. There are a couple of other additions to the cast who could prove problematic for our group of heroes. There’s going to be Franka Potente as Mother Mayhem and Lisa Ambalavanar as Jinx. How the three operate in this world remains to be seen though it’s likely we see each of them in different locations even though last season dealt with its story in Gotham City. 

Brother Blood is a character the Titans have faced off against a number of times in the comic books throughout the years. The character is actually a moniker passed down from father to son when the latter murders the former and takes over the prayer shawl that gives him powers of reduced aging and relative invulnerability. In some versions, he’s been a cult-like leader though in later versions he becomes almost like a Dracula, with the blood part of the name living up to the billing. It is unclear which version we will see in Titans season 4 though from Morgan’s video it does appear that the “origin” piece of the story would suggest that this character is new in this world. And Morgan’s previous credits might help with the bloodsucking piece considering he starred on The Vampire Diaries as Klaus Mikaelson for two seasons. 

Titans Season 4 will look to capitalize on the gains made by the series through its first three seasons. Based on critical consensus, the show has only improved along the way with the last run its best yet. Season 3 is sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with the show embracing its grittier storytelling ideas and also giving more depth to some of the central characters. While no official timeline has been given for this next season, it would stand to reason we would see it in the fall on HBO Max considering that is when the other seasons have hit the streamer.