The Different Titans Of Attack On Titan, Explained

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is one of those anime series that truly lives up to its name, especially because it seems like our heroic Scouts are tackling new Titans in every single episode. But the show just kept adding Titans and expanding their lore and mythology to the point that even the biggest fans watching on Toonami may have trouble keeping track of everything. If that sounds like you, then don’t fret: We’ve got everything you need about each of the different kinds of Titans.

Pure Titans

Pure Titans

In Attack on Titan, the main Titans our characters have had to worry about are known as Pure Titans. These are mindless humanoid creatures that can grow as tall as 15 meters and are good at causing damage and striking terror. Due to their mindless nature, various individuals and even nations have discovered ways of weaponizing these Titans, and the monsters (all of whom are Eldian descendants of Ymir) can only be killed by slashing the nape of their necks.

Abnormal Titans

Variations of these creatures that appear infrequently in Attack on Titan are known as Abnormal Titans. Compared to their mindless brethren, Abnormal Titans are known for their intelligence and surprising mental and physical abilities. While they can be killed the same way that Pure Titans are killed, Abnormal Titans are fiercer foes because they are so much more unpredictable and, therefore, that much deadlier.

The Nine Titans

In addition to these rank-and-file bad guys in Attack on Titan, there is also a group of Titans known as the Nine Titans. These are Titans that have specific names and abilities that can transform from human to Titan and back again at will, and they retain both their human intelligence. The abilities of these Titans vary greatly, as do their heights: while the Cart Titan is only four meters tall, the Colossal Titan is a staggering 60 meters tall.

Founding Titan

In the Attack on Titan mythology, the Nine Titans have been passed down to different users for almost two millennia. One such creature is the Founding Titan (sometimes referred to as the Coordinate or the Progenitor Titan), who comes in at 13 meters tall and has an array of special abilities ranging from Titan creation and control to telepathy and even the ability to erase memories. Normally, this Titan can only be controlled by the royal family, and Eren currently has control as part of his plan to both rid the world of Titans and protect his Eldian people.

Attack Titan

Originally, Eren was in control of the Attack Titan: in addition to its great abilities as a fighter, this 15-foot creature has the ability to receive memories from both its past and future users. Unlike other major Titans in Attack on Titan, this one doesn’t have any unique physical abilities. But Eren has been able to use its strange powers to manipulate his father and paradoxically make sure that Eren receives the Titan power he would need for his future plans.

Female Titan

The Female Titan, currently Annie Leonhart, has the ability to control Pure Titans through the use of its scream. The control can’t match that of the Founding Titan, and functions more like a lure, which can be disastrous for the Female Titan. In addition, she has greatly enhanced strength and endurance, is capable of running full-tilt for great distances, and is capable of taking down the Attack Titan in hand-to-hand combat.

The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan is controlled by Zeke Yeager (Eren’s half-brother), and he’s behind some of the crazier scheming and plotting in Attack on Titan. His primary physical ability is his great strength and his ability to throw rocks as deadly missiles, and his blood can be used to transform others (such as Falco) into Titans. As the inheritor of royal blood, this Titan can also transform people into Pure Titans, and Zeke used all of his abilities to attempt a long-term plan to wipe all of the Titans out by effectively euthanizing the Eldian people.

Armored Titan

The Armored Titan is controlled by Reiner Braun and is 15 meters tall. In Attack on Titan, this Titan is constantly covered by thick armor that makes him much harder to hurt or kill. In addition to the protection offered by the armor, this Titan can also harden its arms and feet, giving the user additional offensive and defensive options when it comes to combat.

Cart Titan

The Cart Titan is one of the stranger creatures in Attack on Titan: short and smart, this Titan’s real superpower is its great endurance. While it’s a bit easier to hurt or kill than the others, the Cart Titan can help other members of the Nine conduct missions that require them to transport people and/or supplies over very large distances. It also has a kind of super-speed, though we have seen limited instances of this.

Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan is arguably the most iconic and recognizable of the monsters in Attack on Titan. Under Bertolt’s control, this Titan has used its immense size to attack areas like Trost District. To help keep would-be attackers at bay, this Titan also has the ability to emit scalding steam from its body…combined with Hulk-like levels of strength, and such powers make this Titan particularly difficult to kill.

War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan is one of the quirkiest foes in Attack on Titan because it can make and control various weapons (mostly spikes and blades) out of Titan flesh. This Titan is also less vulnerable than others because it can remove its weak spot from its nape. While it’s allegedly dangerous to keep using these abilities, Eren currently has control of this Titan, and that has helped make him even more formidable in combat.

Jaw Titan

In the Attack on Titan lore, the Jaw Titan is rare in that its physical manifestation can change from user to user (Falco’s Jaw Titan looks notably different from Ymir’s, for example, and Falco has even grown wings and flown before). Aside from some physical variation, all of the Jaw Titans have the simplistic ability to use powerful jaws to chomp through any foe. This creature is also surprisingly fast, helping it to get that much closer for a fatal chomp on any foe.