The Witcher Fans Are Review Bombing Season 3 Already Because Of Henry Cavill

Fans of The Witcher are reportedly giving season 3 disproportionately negative reviews because Henry Cavill is leaving.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

the witcher season 3

The trailer for The Witcher season 3 is out, and fans really don’t like it. According to Screen Rant, fans of the show are giving the trailer a disproportionate amount of dislikes on YouTube. The Witcher fanbase is most likely review-bombing the show’s trailer because season 3 is Henry Cavill’s last season.

Fans of The Witcher have been very vocal about their disappointment over the Man of Steel actor’s departure following season 3. Many fans are likely to jump ship once Henry Cavill’s replacement Liam Hemsworth takes over, and several are, in fact, pretending that the last season is the series last.

The comment section for the Witcher season 3 trailer is flooded with comments like, “I look forward to this final season! Go Henry!” and “I can’t wait to see the series finale!” The majority of the fanbase has accepted the rumor that Henry Cavill quit The Witcher over the producer’s refusal to stick to the source material as fact and is seemingly commiserating with the actor.

“Respect your actors, respect the source material, respect your audience. Thank you, Henry, you spoke for us all,” commented one fan. Another commented that he wished he “lived in a universe where HBO made this show.” and called Max “the only streaming service capable of delivering amazing shows that stick to the source material.” This comment is particularly baffling given that most people’s complaints about the later seasons of Game of Thrones stemmed from the showrunner’s deviating so wildly from the books.

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By accepting one rumor as fact, the fans have seemingly ignored or glossed over the other rumors surrounding Cavill’s departure from The Witcher after season 3. Specifically, the rumors that claim the actor created a toxic work environment that made it difficult to work with him. Given how devoted some of Henry Cavill’s fans are, there’s a good chance that even if they acknowledge the actor’s alleged bad behavior, they will justify it by saying it all stems from his passion involving the Witcher books and games.

Regardless of whether the fans smashing the dislike button actually hate the trailer or are just salty over The Witcher season 3 being Henry Cavill’s last, they are definitely making their voices heard. The ratio of likes to dislikes on the trailer is astounding. A paltry 62,000 people liked the trailer compared to a whopping 308K who did not.

The reaction to The Witcher season 3 trailer is just further proof that Henry Cavill has the most loyal fanbase around. The actor’s fans were so upset about James Gunn recasting the role of Superman that some of them even tried to sue DC over it. Now his fans are saying they’re going to abandon Netflix and follow the star to Amazon, where Cavill is developing a Warhammer 40k series.

The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and the streamer was no doubt counting on the series to survive past season 3 and Henry Cavill’s exit. Unfortunately, the actor’s rabid fanbase puts the future of the series in jeopardy and could lead to problems for Netflix down the road.

If Henry’s fans are willing to go this hard downvoting a trailer that actually has their man in it, who knows how they’ll react once season 4 comes out, and it’s Liam Hemsworth wearing the white wig.