See The New Lily Munster For Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Reboot

The Munsters reboot is reportedly finished, and Sheri Moon Zombie has given fans the best look at her portrayal of Lily Munster.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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It is no secret that Rob Zombie is creating a brand-new reboot of The Munsters. It is also no secret that Mr. Zombie often incorporates his wife in many of the features that he has had the pleasure of making. His wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, portrayed the role of Baby in the House of 1000 Corpses trilogy. She reprised that same role in the sequels, The Devils Rejects and 3 From Hell. Rob typically likes to give fans updates on whatever creation he is currently involved in, usually on his Instagram page. Now his wife has joined in, giving fans the best look yet, of her portrayal of Lily Munster via her Instagram. You can see the image of the new Lily Munster below:

The black and white behind-the-scenes photo shows Sheri Moon next to her husband and collaborator, right in front of the house that houses The Munster family. What’s great about this photo is that Sheri Moon is in her full costume for The Munsters reboot, complete with the two-tone hair split down the middle. Her frayed and flowing gown seems to also be flowing in the wind, as she stretches out her hand to fans and appreciators. Honestly, Sheri looks identical to the original Lily. The character was originally played by Yvonne De Carlo. You can see an image of her in action below:

the munsters

There are some differences in the look that Sheri provides for The Munsters reboot. For instance, her gown seems to be a bit more frayed and flowing, whereas Yvonne’s sleeves were just a bit open. Their two-toned white streaks seem to be in the same exact place as well. One interesting thing that the original Lily has going for her, is that her eyebrow makeup curls up in a very peculiar way. It seems as if Rob has optioned to allow Sheri to have darker eye makeup, without the curls on the eyebrow. Sheri’s makeup is smokier in comparison. At least that is how it looks from her own black and white offering to the world.

Rob Zombie is known to make rated R films, as most of his ventures have been some sort of gory and violence-filled thrill ride. He also remade the Halloween series, which was met with some great critical success. Well, the first one was. What is interesting about The Munsters reboot, is that it has already been rated PG. The Munsters was certainly a family-friendly series back in the 1960s, and it appears as if Rob is planning on honoring that same sentiment in his reboot.

The Munsters reboot currently does not have a title or release date, though it has been reportedly completed already. While we all patiently wait for the trailer, it’s safe to say that we will be gifted with this film sometime in the fall. A movie that is based on a series about a family of monsters should be released sometime around Halloween. It makes sense. Sheri Moon is Lily Munster, Daniel Roebuck is Grandpa Munster, and Jeff Daniel Phillips will be taking on the role of Herman Munster. This should be an exciting rehashing of one of the most beloved classic sitcoms.