See How Rob Zombie Has Changed Mockingbird Lane In The Munsters Reboot

The Munsters reboot is coming from Rob Zombie sooner than later and we are getting a chance to see how it will differ from the original.

By Doug Norrie | Published

rob zombie the munsters reboot

We are getting a much-anticipated The Munsters reboot sooner than later though the dude behind the project is a bit unexpected in that it’s Rob Zombie helming things. Considering his background and previous film work, it would be right to assume that he might have a definitive horror vibe going in this new story. But by early accounts, it appears the director is keeping things (mostly) family-friendly, updating the classic family for a more modern time. The changes have been cool to see. In his latest Instagram post, Zombie gave fans a look at what’s happening inside 1313 Mockingbird Lane and how it might differ from the first time around. 

Credit Rob Zombie for giving these inside looks along the way as they ramp up filming and production on The Munsters reboot. He’s been fairly consistent along these lines, wanting fans to see how the creative and filming process unfolds. And considering there are preexisting ideas around this particular family, the members, and the setting, allowing folks to have a glimpse of the updates does give a more personalized experience. In this latest post, Rob Zombie gives us eight different pictures of the set in various degrees of “complete”. Check it out:

While of course, these pictures from Rob Zombie don’t necessarily represent a 1:1 on how we will see things in The Munsters reboot, they do offer a look at how it will pivot some from the original series. For starters, the original house in the television series from the 1960s had much more of a haunted house feel, replete with cobwebs everywhere and an intensely drab decor. Even with the show shot in black and white, this aesthetic tended to “shine” through. It was meant to appear old but not as ornate. It was a mansion, but it looked dilapidated and unused. That doesn’t appear to be the case at all with the reboot. Check out some shots from the original The Munsters to see what 1313 Mockingbird Lane looked like on the inside. 

See what I mean? There is definitely a change from Rob Zombie in The Munsters reboot. In a day and age of high definition and updated technology, you can’t blame him for seeking a new vibe for the setting. And with this, one can imagine that the family might play a little lighter as well. We are sure to get some creepiness, but we could see a family that’s a bit more stately in their monster-ness. That’s just a guess, of course. 

The Munsters reboot has been shooting in Budapest, Hungary and is due out at some point this year. Rob Zombie has assured fans that this one will be open to almost all ages with a reported PG rating already. So we can dial back any worry about having this be a gory affair. The House of a 1000 Corpses and Halloween director might be softening a bit as he gets older. We are here for it and this reboot could be quite the visual spectacle.