See Real Bats Actually Invade A Theater Showing The Batman

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

the batman

Warning: Minor The Batman spoilers are in this article. 

Any Batman fans out there are going to know that no experience with the Caped Crusader is complete unless you can see Bruce Wayne sitting in the Batcave with those winged Chiropteras flitting around in the air above. It’s just part of the overall motif, an understanding that Bruce Wayne has become almost one with the bats, taking on their personality in more ways than one. But the Batcave setting is supposed to stay on the big screen and watching The Batman wasn’t necessarily supposed to be an immersive experience. Yet for one group of theatergoers, they got the real deal with bats flying around the theater during the blockbuster film’s opening weekend. 

Coming from the Twitter user @Jeremiah24_, we are treated to a look at the inside of the theater that’s showing The Batman. All well and good, except you might notice a few things different than your standard screening. For starters, the movie on the screen is paused mid-scene. Also, the lights are now on. And finally, the coup de grace is the bats flying around the ceiling. You can see them sweeping the crowd, maybe looking for a way out. Considering the movie, this is an awfully coincidental type of visitor to show up mid-movie. Check out the video. 

Hilarious, and so apropos for what is happening in the movie. The flick is paused during a scene at stately Wayne Manor and we know that the Batcave sits only a couple of stories underneath. That place is full of bats too, something The Batman makes viewers well aware of during the times Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne spends in the depths. The bleak and washed-out nature of the film, in general, lends itself even more to the bats’ presence in the film, giving everything even more of an ominous feel. It looks like the theater patrons got their own little taste of it as well. 

The Batman opened this weekend and has been just about everything that was hyped over the last couple of years. Matt Reeves rebooted the character, giving this version of Gotham a decidedly different look that we’ve seen in the past. We’re dropped into Batman’s second year on the vigilante beat, as he works his way through the criminal underworld while trying to unravel a serial killer plot put into motion by a new version of The Riddler. It’s currently crushing at both the box office and with critics with the film sitting at 85% on Rotten Tomatoes

One thing The Batman has going for it in this latest version is a much more intense version of Gotham City than we’ve seen in the past. The city, in all its corrupt bleakness, is brought to the forefront in a way other iterations haven’t been able to. Part of this is because it concentrates less on an origin story and more about just putting us in the middle of a story that’s already started. It’s just one reason audiences have loved what they’ve seen. I suppose it’s even easier to love if you are fully in the experience like the patrons who got to have bats flying around them throughout.