See Sylvester Stallone And Jason Statham In First Look At Expendables 4

We have the first look at Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in the upcoming Expendables 4. These dudes look ready for action.

By Kristi Eckert | Updated

sylvester stallone jason statham

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham are both Hollywood legends in their own right, each of them known separately for iconic hits like Stallone’s Rocky (1976), and First Blood (1982), as well as Statham’s The Transporter (2002), and The Italian Job (2003). However, their notable collaboration on all of The Expendables films has only served to further enhance both of their already impressive careers. Since the announcement of the franchise’s fourth iteration, the anticipation surrounding the project has been growing steadily. Fans can now finally get their first look at a set photo from the upcoming Expendables 4.

Jason Statham recently took to social media and posted a photo of himself next to Sylvester Stallone donning their Expendables gear on his official Instagram account. He aptly captioned the photo with the phrase, “Back in business with the main man,” and tagged both Stallone and the movie in the post. Check it out below.

Fans of the Expendables franchise have been waiting since 2014 for Sylvester Stallone and other fan-favorite cast members to reprise their roles in a fourth installment, and it looks as though their patience is finally paying off. Expendables 4 began filming on October 6, 2021, and in addition to the picture that Statham shared of Sylvester Stallone and himself, Screen Rant reported that franchise newcomer Megan Fox also revealed photos of herself outfitted in her new Expendables get-up. Her costume, while definitively reminiscent of the classic costumes worn in the prior films, has a sleeker and more modern vibe while still maintaining the integrity of what has worked so well for the original costumes. 

The plot for Expendables 4 is currently being kept under veiled secrecy. Even the film’s IMDb page has the plot listed as entirely unknown. The only definitive piece of story information that has come to light is that it will indeed be a direct sequel to Expendables 3. However, the lack of information has certainly not stopped fans from speculating about what could potentially happen in the new movie. Some fans seem to think that there could be plans to kill off Sylvester Stallone’s character in the upcoming iteration. Still, any official information has yet to be confirmed. 

The fourth film is being directed by Scott Waugh (Art of Valor, Need For Speed). It was written by the trio Spenser Cohen, Max Adams, and John Joseph Connolly. Much of the cast has also come back to reprise their roles, in addition to Sylvester Stallone (Barney Ross) and Jason Statham (Lee Christmas) the film will also see the return of Dolph Lundgren (Gunner Jensen) and Randy Couture (Toll Road). A plethora of new faces have also jumped on board the project including Curtis Jackson and Andy Garcia. 

It is certainly exciting to know that filming has finally commenced on the set of Expendables 4, even if it will be a while before fans get to see the likes of Sylvester Stallone and crew on the big screen again. In the meantime, fans of Sylvester Stallone can head over to their local On-Demand provider to check out a 40-minute-long extended cut of another classic Stallone movie, Rocky IV.