The Sylvester Stallone Crime Thriller On Netflix That Deserves Way More Attention

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Sylvester Stallone might have made a name for himself by playing badass roles in franchises like Rocky and Rambo, but we think the big man is at his best when he stars in quieter genres.

Sylvester Stallone Is In Cop Land

sylvester stallone cop land

A great example of this is Cop Land, a crime thriller that blew everyone away back in 1997.

If you missed this film before or you’d just like to return to a movie where Sylvester Stallone kicks ass in brand new ways, you can stream this neo-noir thriller on Netflix today.

Cop Land Directed By James Mangold

One reason we love Sylvester Stallone’s Cop Land so much is that it was written and directed by James Mangold.

This was only the director’s second film, but he would go on to do some amazing films across very different genres: he brought us Girl, Interrupted, and Walk the Line, but he also brought us Logan and Ford v Ferrari, the latter of which received an Academy Award nomination for best picture.

Mangold shines as both writer and director and in Cop Land, he brings to life the story of Sylvester Stallone’s New Jersey Sheriff getting in over his head in a situation involving a clumsy cover-up and a cadre of corrupt cops.

Cop Land’s Big Cast

We would argue that Sylvester Stallone’s performance alone is a good reason to stream Cop Land, but as luck would have it, old Sly is surrounded by a killer cast of fellow actors.

Big names like Ray Liotta and Robert DeNiro help add some real gravitas to the proceedings, as does the performance from a better-than-usual (and he’s usually pretty damned brilliant) Harvey Keitel.

Other cast members we loved to see along with Sylvester Stallone include Robert Patrick (who once played the scariest cop of all in Terminator 2) and Janeane Garofalo (always America’s girl next door in our hearts).

The Box Office Returns

Ray Liotta streaming

In case you were curious, we aren’t alone in our love for Cop Land: when the movie came out, it earned a $63.7 million box office against a modest budget of only $15 million. That may not sound like much in a world filled with Marvel blockbusters, but this movie was a major hit for Miramax Films. In fact, the first weekend led to a record opening box office for Miramax.

Cop Land’s Critical Reception

Ray Liotta streaming

Cop Land is also the rare film that managed to impress critics as much as it impressed general audiences.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie currently has a critical score of 75 percent. Critics noted that while the Sylvester Stallone movie isn’t drowning in complexity, it delivers a solid combo of tight performances and taut tension that help keep things suspenseful from beginning to end.

Stream Sylvester Stallone’s Cop Land On Netflix

robert patrick cop land sylvester stallone

You can probably tell that around here, we’re big fans of Cop Land, and we’re confident that once you stream this film on Netflix, you’ll join us.

This is a movie that effortlessly brings us major social and political commentary without ever getting preachy or cheesy; instead, everything is grounded in unforgettable performances from Sylvester Stallone and the rest of a nearly perfect cast.

Just be warned: after watching this unexpected masterpiece, you’ll have one more reason to honestly declare that they “just don’t make movies like this anymore.”