This Supernatural Character Is Now Officially Gay

Supernatural just confirmed this major character is gay.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Supernatural only has two episodes left before the series comes to a close. A number of momentous occasions are bound to go down in this last run of episodes, and narrative decisions could be made that will change how everyone looks at the entire run of the show. In fact, that has already happened with one of the show’s most crucial characters being revealed to be gay.

In the Supernatural episode “Despair”, the character of Castiel sacrifices his life in order to save Dean Winchester from certain death. During this moment, Castiel reveals his love for Dean and how he has changed Castiel into a better person. Many fans read this as confirmation that Castiel romantically loved Dean, but in case there was any confusion, actor Misha Collins made it very clear that Castiel is gay.

You can watch the pivotal Supernatural moment right here:

This definitely casts the entire run of Supernatural in a different light. In the show’s storyline, Castiel is an angel that went down into Hell and saved Dean Winchester’s soul. From that moment on, he has felt changed by his interaction with Dean. Fans have long maintained that Castiel harbored a romantic love for Dean – this lead to the “ship” name of Destiel – and this most recent episode made those feelings canon.

There has been praise and criticism of this decision. Fans of Supernatural that have long believed in Destiel found the affirmation to be one of the show’s biggest highlights. Seeing that made canon was a point of celebration. However, the fact that Castiel was immediately killed after revealing his love for Dean also had some fans criticizing the show for falling victim to the “Bury Your Gays” trope. Still, there are two more episodes left and it would not be surprising to see Castiel return before it is all over.

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It is pretty monumental for Supernatural to drop such a massive piece of character development in its last few moments. What other surprises could be in store? And will we see Misha Collins come back as Castiel or was his death the real last time we will see the character? We will only have to wait for less than two weeks to find out the answers as the last episodes are about to air. And if this moment is any indication, there are likely even bigger surprises in store for the end of it all.

Supernatural has had one of the most impressive runs ever for a television show. It lasted for 15 seasons and maintained a strong, supportive, and steady fan base over its decade-and-a-half run. Even though the show is coming to a close, there is no doubt that it will still remain one of the most beloved shows in recent memory. No matter what the last two episodes are going to throw at fans, it is almost certain that the show’s legacy has been cemented forever. We will just have to wait and see how everything ends when Supernatural premieres its last two episodes in the coming week.