Stranger Things Characters Likely To Die In The Final Season

Stranger Things has gone lgiht on killing off the main characters, but we think these four may not make it out of the final season.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

Season 4 of Stranger Things was the best the show has offered in years, but it was surprisingly soft on its main character death count. That is unlikely to be the case in the show’s climactic final season. The show will turn Hawkins upside down one final time, and these are four characters who may not survive the ride.

Will Byers

Stranger Things began with the search for Will Byers, and it may end with the dark forces that took him finishing the job.

Since the youngest Byers boy returned from his extended stay in the Upside Down, he has not been the same. Will is still connected to the eerie parallel dimension, which is inexplicably stuck on the day he initially disappeared.

He was at the heart of the mystery in Season 1, but since then, Will Byers has struggled to find a place in the show’s narrative. A sacrifice for his friends could be a fitting end to Stranger Things, bringing the story of Will Byers full circle and turning him into the hero he has always wanted to be.

Steve Harrington

stranger things

The brilliance of Stranger Things is that it knows when to embrace archetypes and when to subvert them. With Steve Harrington, the show pulls off perhaps its greatest surprise.

Steve began as a pretty boy jerk who was not going to survive the first season. Actor Joe Keery brought unexpected charisma and depth to the character, which inspired the Duffer Brothers to keep him around.

Steve evolved into a lovable guy just looking for love. His feelings for Nancy, which proved to still be smoldering in season 4, could motivate a life-giving sacrifice that brings about his original fate in a fittingly unexpected way. 

Joyce Byers

Stranger Things would not exist without Joyce Byers. She has been an engine of action for the show, and her drive to protect her family has remained at the heart of the series since it first began.

As the dangers of the Upside Down breach Hawkins, Joyce may be called upon to save her children once again. The characters in Stranger Things have a lot of love and deep bonds between them, but none are more powerful than Joyce’s fierce love for Will and Jonathan.

Joyce stops at nothing to make sure her boys are safe, and in Season 5, she may prove that by laying down her life.


Since Stranger Things began in 2016, its cast and characters have grown up before the world’s eyes. Eleven was just a child when the show started, but she has become a young woman contending with the gravity of her powers, origin, and destiny.

When it comes to defeating Vecna, Eleven is the only hope anyone has. And everyone knows it. The show will inevitably reach a showdown between the two telekinetic characters, and Eleven may not survive the battle.

As a girl who grew up in the cold, loveless environment of the Hawkins Lab, Eleven has embraced the love of her surrogate family with immense depth. However, she has never truly fit into the real world, and on some level, she knows it. If Eleven reaches the choice between saving her life or giving it to protect her family, there is no doubt about what she will choose.