Exclusive: X-Men’s Storm Getting A Solo Spinoff From Marvel

Storm could be getting a shot in the spotlight.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Storm of the X-Men is one of Marvel’s most popular and powerful characters. She made her live-action film debut in X-Men (2000), played by Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. Since then, the mutant has only grown in popularity. Now that Marvel has regained control of the X-Men and all the characters under that banner, it sounds like they are planning to give Ororo Munroe another shot in the spotlight.

We have learned from a trusted insider source that Marvel is currently “working on a project called Marvel’s Storm“. It is unclear if this is a movie or series (our bet is on the latter), but it does make it clear that Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, is considering anchoring an entire project around the character of Ororo Munroe.

Storm would be a fascinating character to center a story around. While we have seen her make plenty of appearances in the film series, we have not seen a ton of her origin story explored. There is lots of potential to mine. None of the movies have delved into some of the character’s comic book canon such as Ororo being the descendent of a long line of African priestesses. And if Marvel needs to end up bailing on Letitia Wright for reasons, Storm would be a fantastic representative character for Black girls and women.

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More importantly, this news about Marvel’s Storm could give us an even larger clue as to what Marvel Studios/Disney is planning to do with the X-Men. Kevin Feige has not been shy about teasing their appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everybody knows that they will eventually be showing up. But, exactly how they will make their debuts has been a mystery. If this report is true, it sounds like the plan might be to build up to the X-Men coming together in the same way that Marvel Studios originally built up to The Avengers. Seeding shows on Disney+ and possibly big movies for some of the other characters in the X-Men before actually putting them together as a team is not a bad plan of attack. It’s worked before!

Even though Storm was recently played by Alexandra Shipp, we imagine that Marvel would be totally recasting the role and building it from the ground up. As they did with Tom Holland, Marvel probably wants to go for a younger actress so they can possibly have an actor they can work with over the next decade and potentially longer. If they do end up giving Ororo her own focus, it is a good idea to have her be relatively young so that the audience can see her grow into the role. Again, it has worked gangbusters for Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

We hope we can hear more about Marvel’s Storm as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s plans for the X-Men start to better develop. It is thrilling to know that Marvel Studios is going to be steadily building the X-Men roster over the next few years. We can’t wait to see what happens.