Stephen King’s Revelations Turned Into A TV Series

Stephen King continues his recent “rebirth”.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Not that he has ever really gone away from the public spotlight, but Stephen King continues his recent “rebirth”. This time, a little-known short story is being developed for the CW as a one-hour drama called Revelations.


Stephen King Revelations

The series, whose working title is Revelations, is based on a Stephen King 1984 Rolling Stone-published short titled The Revelations of ‘Becka Paulson. Don’t be upset if you’ve never read it, much less heard of it. Not many have.

Revelations tells the story of ‘Becka Paulson, who accidentally shoots herself in the brain with a nail-gun. After this accident, ‘Becka is visited and then recruited by Jesus, who has decided he is finally over it, as his “chosen one” to stop the apocalypse. With task in hand, ‘Becka now needs to prove our Earth is worth saving and she must first start with her weird midwestern hometown.


Becka Paulson

Even though Revelations‘ ‘Becka Paulson may not be at the top of well-known Stephen King characters, besides the Rolling Stone story, she has made a couple of appearances in the past.

In Stephen King’s novel The Tommyknockers, ‘Becka is part of the small town that comes under the influence of the nearby spaceship that is buried beneath the ground. As the spaceship slowly begins to transform (via an invisible, odorless gas) the townspeople into aliens, ‘Becka falls under this transformation. She also meets a fatal end, while attempting to kill her cheating husband, she accidentally electrocutes herself.

The Tommyknockers was also a TV mini-series starring Jimmy Smits and Marg Helgenberg. Moonlighting’s Allyce Beasley portrayed ‘Becka Paulson. The mini-series gave ‘Becka a “happier” ending by having her go insane and committed into an asylum.

The actual story of Revelations was also included in an episode of the rebooted The Outer Limits, a Twilight-Zone type series that first ran in the mid-60s and then was rebooted for a lengthy seven-season run. While the story was based on King’s short, changes were made (as they always are) to the plot. The short story had Jesus as the one ‘Becka confers with while in The Outer Limits episode, Steven Weber (who also directed the episode) portrays the “8-by-10 Man” in the picture frame who is in constant discussion with ‘Becka. The Outer Limits episode is also played more for laughs. Catherine O’Hara (Schitt’s Creek, Home Alone 1 and 2) played ‘Becka Paulson.


The planned one-hour drama series is being brought to the small screen by Warner Bros. TV. Maisie Culver, who wrote for the comedy series Last Man Standing from 2012-2017, will be the writer bringing Revelations to life. She is also going to executive produce the series. Kate Lovejoy, the writer of Dead Inside and Miranda’s Rights, two pilots that were picked up by the CW and NBC respectively, is also on board as a writer and executive producer.

As Revelations is in its early stages, there has been no other announcement on who may be starring in the series.