The Total Number Of Star Trek Movies In Development Now Is Ridiculous

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

star trek

Star Trek sure feels like, overnight it went from no-more-movies-happening to all-the-movies-happening. Such is the nature of the Hollywood and studio game these days with a franchise maybe being in a holding pattern until, bam, fingers snap and the floodgates open. That’s looking like the case with the crews of the Enterprise and other ships in the fleet. Because insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that now there are up to five Star Trek movies in development. The cosmos comes at you fast and we are looking at major moves happening for this franchise. 

Now this news about the quick expansion of the Star Trek movie universe isn’t completely out of nowhere, but it does have something of a different trajectory than we might have thought only a couple of months ago. The short-term has been good to this group and we do know about some movies already in the works or at least being discussed. The most recent piece was that JJ Abrams and his production company Bad Robot were teaming up with Star Trek: Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez to put out a new movie. There wasn’t a ton of information about the story here, but apparently, the deal was on a totally original story from the writer. 

And plenty of other Star Trek movie rumors have been floating around in the space ether as well. Quentin Tarantino has long been circling this franchise (or vice versa). Those rumors ramped up a few weeks ago with the speculation that he would helm the next Chris Pine-led film, bringing Captain James T. Kirk back into the movie mix. This one has fluctuated on and off with no definitive news, but Richtman’s rumor about more films coming, especially the sheer number would suggest that it’s closer to happening than not. It’s hard to imagine Star Trek as a franchise making another major movie splash without this crew on the Enterprise again. 

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So that’s two movies that appear in the works for Star Trek. What would the other three be? There are quite a few directions to go here. Some rumors had suggested that the franchise could take a horror turn with a new film. That isn’t an avenue they’ve explored in the past, rightfully so, but a decidedly different and scary flick could be one of those that hits the screen in this new group. And we’ve also seen the franchise lean a little more comedic and also trend younger with new programming. It wouldn’t shock me for this to be a focus either as they onboad a new generation of fans. 

Finally, in terms of being able to bring more Star Trek movies to the masses, it looks like the studio isn’t committed to these films even being solely in theaters. With the franchise living firmly in the Paramount Plus world right now, having simultaneous theater and streaming options for new films looks like their plan. Considering the rise in popularity for Star Trek properties over the last couple of years with Discovery as well as Picard and a whole slew of new programs coming as well like Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, there’s no shortage of stuff for fans to wet their whistle on. 

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