Seth MacFarlane Reveals How The Orville Season 4 Can Happen Thanks To Fans

It's not out of reach!

By Joshua Jones | Published

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The Orville debuted on September 10, 2017, and was a hit for FOX. The Seth MacFarlane space comedy series then made its way over to Hulu for its third season and was renamed The Orville: New Horizons. As many speculate on the series’ future, Seth MacFarlane has weighed in on the possibility of an Orville season 4. The creator of the series has recently stated that there is a”50-50″ chance of the cast resigning for a new space adventure. MacFarlane also said that the possibility of an Orville season 4 relies on whether he could fit it in his already busy schedule.

Speaking to TVLine, MacFarlane discussed the chances of an Orville season 4 and mentioned running into the already scheduled Ted prequel series for Peacock. “How do I work it into everything else that’s now going on?.” It was announced that Scott Grimes — who plays Helmsman Gordon Malloy on The Orville — had been cast for the upcoming series based on the 2012 film. The series is said to be set in 1993, with no premiere date yet announced. As for The Orville, MacFarlane also suggested that because he’s so invested in the show, there’s a chance season 4 could be made. “I will say that I get as emotionally invested in the show as any of the fans,” he attested, “so I will find a way to do it if there is a Season 4.”

Adrianne Palicki and Seth MacFarlane in The Orville

Fingers crossed that the release of all previous three seasons on Disney+ come August 10th may help push season 4 forward. In 2019, it was announced that the show would go to Hulu for its third season due to high production demands. However, the pandemic caused a delay in the show’s return. The third season received high praise from critics and fans, with its Rotten Tomatoes approval rating at 100%. It should be noted that the rating is based on five reviews. Still, it was a significant jump from where the series started, with an approval rating of about 30% for its first season.

As for season 4, MacFarlane has also stated the major problem with the show is people having “preconceptions” about what it is. Much like MacFarlane’s other comedic TV show, Family Guy, there seems to be a divide between fans who love and hate the show. MacFarlane’s taste in humor is certainly not for everyone, but it does say something when the show has run for three seasons. In addition, the third season earned an average TVLine reader grade of “A” but has yet to reach the Top 10 Nielson charts. If creator Seth MacFarlane wants to get Orville season 4 moving, perhaps it needs to gain a wider audience.

After the pandemic hitting the entertainment industry hard and many of the series actor’s contracts expiring, the chances of a season 4 are slim. Still, MacFarlane is hoping to get the USS Orville off the ground and back into hyperdrive. With such much content on streaming and the risks that both Star Trek and Star Wars are taking, it’ll be interesting to see what route season 4 of The Orville takes if it does get made. As for now, fans could still watch the past adventures of the USS Orville on Disney+ soon.