See Alexandra Daddario In Sexy Micro-Shorts And Sequins

Alexandra Daddario stuns in short shorts and sequins for a new photoshoot she posted on Instagram.

By James Brizuela | Published

Alexandra Daddario

Whether she is suiting up to strut the red carpet, or simply showcasing her journeys while traveling, Alexandra Daddario takes some great photos. The most recent comes with a collaboration with an LA-based photographer named Storm Santos. Santos captured Daddario in an amazing photo, which you can see below, which showcases the actress in short shorts and a ton of sequins.

We are not sure what Santos did to complete the look that is the background, which could have been captured from the reflection of Alexandra Daddario’s outfit, but she looks as though she stepped right out of a disco. The bed behind Daddario could mean that she had just woken from a nap, but we certainly don’t wake up looking as amazing as she does. The current image is approaching 500k likes already, and everyone is gushing about how beautiful she looks.

Alexandra Daddario is currently enjoying quite a bit of success on the small screen, as she is part of two different successful shows. She voices the character, McKayla, in the new Koala Man animated series on Hulu. The Aussie-based series also stars Hugh Jackman.

Alexandra Daddario is also starring in the current Anne Rice adaptation: Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. Daddario leads the series as Dr. Rowan Fielding, who is a neurosurgeon that discovers she is the heir to a coven of witches. The popular AMC series is now one of two shows that were adapted from Anne Rice’s novels, the other being Interview with the Vampire.

alexandra daddario

Mayfair Witches first aired on January 8th and will see its next episode released on February 23rd. The series has been so popular with audiences and the network that it recently confirmed that the series would be returning for a second season. Alexandra Daddario has been praised for her performance in the series.

With Anne Rice writing three novels in the world of the Mayfair Witches, there will be plenty of material to explore with Alexandra Daddario leading the way. Rice was meant to serve as a producer for the series but unfortunately passed away in December 2021. Her son, Christopher, is currently serving as executive producer for the series.

Apart from her successful TV shows, Alexandra Daddario is also set to star in a movie called I Wish You All the Best. The feature is directed by Tommy Dorfman and will follow a teen who is kicked out by her parents and engages in a journey about self-discovery, which teaches them about love, discovery, and family. It is currently in the post-production stages, meaning we might see this feature sometime at the end of 2023.

Alexandra Daddario is a fantastically beautiful woman that has been using her apt acting skills to land many successful roles. She provides plenty of updates about her personal life and acting journey via her Instagram page, including the great photos and outfits she wears. We certainly can’t wait to see what she does next.