See Alexandra Daddario In A Hypnotizing Dress

Alexandra Daddario is turning heads with her hypnotizing spiral dress and 1950s look in her new post.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario is giving off 1950s Vertigo vibes in her latest Instagram post. The Mayfair Witches actress poses in a black and cream sweater dress with a spiraling pattern that makes one feel as if they are being hypnotized. Her curled hair and bright red lipstick complete the look, in addition to her sky-high platform heels

The Gucci dress and Marc Jacobs shoes were just one of the many outfits Alexandra Daddario wore for a recent piece in InStyle magazine, in which the actress makes it clear that her success in the television and film industry doesn’t come from playing it safe.

The article begins with the revelation that Alexandra Daddario actually dropped out of acting school. She went to a small performing arts college in Manhattan but didn’t make it into the acting program. She felt that she didn’t fit in with her Broadway-loving classmates, something that just served to firm up her decision that the school wasn’t for her, even if acting was.

“I’m not super-strategic,” Alexandra Daddario told the interviewer. Instead of having a set plan for what kind of roles she wanted, she just started taking any role that seemed “cool” to her. As a result, “There’s stuff I’ve done that people don’t take super seriously,” she says, “which is fine, but I’ve always taken my characters seriously, and so I’ve always found something in each project.”

That willingness not to be pigeon-holed into one set type of role has also led to Alexandra Daddario getting her name in the credits of multiple big-name movies and shows, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Baywatch, and White Lotus, in addition to her current starring role in Mayfair Witches, based on the books by Anne Rice

alexandra daddario

Part of Alexandra Daddario’s appeal is that she is an “everywoman.” She wears what she wants, she posts candid, realistic things on social media like a real human being, and she even started a YouTube channel with her roommates in 2020 in which they did, well, just about everything normal people do. 

Alexandra Daddario and her friends visited tourist attractions, answered questions from fans, and even let them watch as she cleaned out her closet. The most popular video on the channel had 4.4 million views and was just the girls telling jokes and talking in the swimming pool

While she admits that she would never film herself crying over a guy or something of that nature, Alexandra Daddario says that she gives fans such “intimate” access to her life because “all this other stuff you see isn’t real. And being ridiculous and weird and strange or a little bit less polished about things, that’s life. We’re all a little weird, so why hide it?”

That honesty about her own life is in stark juxtaposition with Alexandra Daddario’s character in Mayfair Witches. She plays Dr. Ronan Fielding, who may look like she has a handle on everything in her successful life but is really falling apart behind the scenes. She hides the fact that she is self-destructive and uses all the wrong survival mechanisms to get through the day. 

When it comes to her own “survival mechanisms,” Alexandra Daddario turns to much healthier pursuits, like yoga and meditation. She can, however, understand the impulse to freak out, especially when you just turned 30, as her character did. She said this is a time that is both “epic” and “scary” as you try to reconcile the adult you are with the parts of the younger you that you don’t want to let go of.

Alexandra Daddario seems to have figured out the secret to balancing these things, though, because she is living her best life in her 30s, and things only seem to be getting brighter all the time.