Alexandra Daddario Looks Amazing In Just A Bra And High-Heels

Alexandara Daddario is wearing a bra as a top in a new photoshoot for InStyle magazine.

By Douglas Helm | Published

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario can pull off just about any look, and she showed off plenty of them in the Self Love issue of InStyle magazine. The Instyle Instagram account posted some choice snapshots from her cover story, including one where she dons a Miu Miu set of bras, jackets, shorts, and shoes. You can check out the post below and read the InStyle cover story too:

Alexandra Daddario has always provided A+ performances in projects like Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Baywatch, and True Detective. However, her performances in recent years have really rocketed her into the spotlight. Particularly her nuanced performance in HBO’s rich-person anthology series The White Lotus.

Alexandra Daddario ended up getting an Emmy nomination for her role in The White Lotus, and her career has been on an even more impressive upward trajectory ever since. In 2022 she starred in a coming-of-age film titled Wildflower. She also nabbed the lead role in Mayfair Witches, which is based on the novel’s by Anne Rice.

Mayfair Witches is currently airing its first season on AMC, with new episodes being released weekly. The series stars Alexandra Daddario as a neurosurgeon who learns she’s the heir to a coven of witches. The series has already aired its first five episodes with the sixth episode set to premiere on February 9.

Along with Alexandra Daddario, Mayfair Witches stars Harry Hamlin as Cortland Mayfair, Tongayi Chirisa as Ciprien Grieve, and Jack Huston as Lasher. While Mayfair Witches hasn’t been getting fantastic reviews, it does have promise. AMC at least thinks it has promised since it renewed the series for a second season.

Alexandra Daddario in Mayfair Witches

Alexandra Daddario’s Mayfair Witches is part of AMC’s latest attempt to build a new interconnected franchise, as it’s part of their growing Anne Rice Immortal Universe, which began with Interview with a Vampire. Of course, they still have their big-ticket franchise with The Walking Dead. That franchise has spawned numerous spin-offs, so it remains to be seen if the Immortal Universe can be as popular as the long-running zombie franchise.

Hopefully, we should see Alexandra Daddario in her next film soon. Daddario has the lead role in the film I Wish You All the Best, which is based on the Mason Deaver novel of the same name. The film will be the directorial debut of Tommy Dorfman (13 Reasons Why), who also produced and adapted the screenplay. I Wish You All the Best is about a non-binary teen who moves in with their estranged sister after their conservative parents kick them out of the house.

Corey Fogelmanis plays Ben de Backer, the nonbinary teen in I Wish You All the Best. Alexandra Daddario plays their estranged sister Hannah, who takes Ben in along with her husband Thomas (Cole Sprouse). The rest of the cast includes Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Amy Landecker, Judson Mills, Lexi Underwood, Lisa Yamada, and Brian Michael Smith. According to IMDb, I Wish You All the Best is currently in the post-production stage, though there hasn’t been an official release date announced yet.