Scrubs: The Movie Actually Happening?

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence says a movie revival of the show is "inevitable."

By Douglas Helm | Published


Scrubs may have ended back in 2010, but that doesn’t mean fans haven’t been hoping for a reunion or a movie follow-up since the show’s curtain call. While creator Bill Lawrence (Ted Lasso, Shrinking) and the cast of the series have previously announced they would work on a project together, it seems like it’s no longer a question of if but when. Lawrence recently spoke to Variety and said “I think it’s inevitable that it happens,” about the Scrubs movie.

So not only is the Scrubs movie a possibility but apparently, it’s inevitable. Coming from someone else that might seem like just words being thrown around, but Lawrence is the creator of the show. If anyone could make it happen, it would be him.

Scrubs initially ran for eight seasons, with the eighth season finale serving as a series finale and send-off for the characters. However, the show ended up getting revived for a ninth season subtitled Med School which brought back Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and John C. McGinley while introducing new characters played by Kerry Bishe, Eliza Coupe, Dave Franco, and Michael Mosley. The ninth season did not get much love from critics or audiences, and the show was swiftly canceled for a final time.


The original eight seasons of Scrubs followed the employees and patients at Sacred Heart Hospital, with Zach Braff’s J.D. serving as the central character and narrator. Along with Braff, Faison, and McGinley, the series also starred Sarah Chalke, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, and Judy Reyes. Though the series ended with a fizzle due to the contentious ninth season, the first eight seasons of the series were well-loved by audiences and critics alike.

Scrubs received 17 Emmy nominations throughout its nine-season run and ratings remained positive for the eight main seasons. The series has also found plenty of love on streaming services after its end, with Netflix holding the series for a long time before it ended up on its current Hulu streaming home. There are plenty of fans who continue to hold the series in high regard and would definitely tune in for a movie when one gets made.

Scrubs was one of the earliest hits for creator Bill Lawrence, whose only creator credit at the time was Spin City. He would go on to make other massive hit shows like Cougar Town and Ted Lasso. Most recently, he co-created the Apple TV+ series Shrinking with series star Jason Segel and Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein.

If Bill Lawrence does end up making the Scrubs movie, it wouldn’t even be the only one of his early projects getting a revival. A year after the first season of the medical dramedy released, Lawrence, Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller released the first season of the animated cult classic Clone High. HBO picked up Clone High for a two-season revival, and the first episodes are set to hit HBO Max in 2023.

As for Bill Lawrence’s other series, Ted Lasso is currently airing new episodes of its third season. The first season of Shrinking is currently available to stream on Apple TV+ with a second season greenlit. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on any more news about the Scrubs movie.