Watch The Universal Monsters Celebrate Halloween In This Awesome Video

By Nick Venable | Published

This is the week where candy fiends and costume lovers get to live out their greatest fantasies. (To an extent.) But be careful that you don’t happen to stumble into the neighborhood where the classic Universal Pictures movie monsters live, because you might not like what they have to hand out, as the excellent video below points out.

Remember when toy commercials were basically just a bunch of kids making shit happen on a giant set that every child in the world would have killed to play on? Things have gotten a tad more complicated, and Diamond Select is advertising its Universal monster line by getting into stop-motion animation, which is a much more time-intensive process for advertising. But it shows they care.

I love that they didn’t just give Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula a couple of gags, and that they brought out the vast assortment of the studio’s spooky creatures and characters. Watch as the bolt-necked behemoth gives away all of his candy to the first kids at the door, as Dr. Jekyll brushes aside his Mr. Hyde persona in lieu of candy apples, and as the Wolfman hands out bones instead of candy.

You want Creature from the Black Lagoon? Of course you do, because he’s the best, though I can’t say that putting wet fish atop other Trick or Treat goods is a particularly great idea. Dracula is also here, though he may not be around for long. Van Helsing! And there is just something so surreally perfect about the image below, in which Metaluna conjures up a giant piece of candy corn.

metalunaThe Universal monsters are coming back in a big way in the next few years, as an entirely new, connected cinematic universe is in the works. Dracula Untold‘s successful box office numbers are getting that film retroactively added into the line-up, which was supposed to begin with Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy in 2016. But that’s still a ways away, and these toys are available now.

Diamond Select has a ton of licensed products for fans to geek out on. Want a Metaluna figurine complete with interocitor? A black and white Frankenstein bank? A pint glass from The Invisible Man‘s Lion’s Head Inn? They’re all for sale now, as are items from Ghostbusters, Godzilla, The Walking Dead, Knight Rider, Aliens, and Back to the Future. It’s pretty much your one-stop shopping destination for Halloween present shopping. Who needs Christmas?