Watch Black Mirror’s Super Creepy Christmas Special Trailer

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

The British anthology series Black Mirror has been responsible for some of the most disturbing recent sequences in sci-fi TV, and creator Charlie Brooker is targeting the holiday season for the highly anticipated special Black Mirror: White Christmas. We’ve already seen what star Jon Hamm looks like for his substantial role(s), and now a full trailer has been released. Watch it beneath a surveillance camera and some mistletoe.

The connective tissue for the three stories told in the 90-minute special is a conversation between American Matt (Hamm) and Brit Potter (Rafe Spall) over a Christmas meal, where they share stories about their time in the outside world. They don’t look like they’re having the kind of a great time that packets of gravy normally come with.

For the first story, Hamm plays a guy who is apparently in tune with how to woo the ladies. But instead of doing so himself, he helps out another man. Seems like a very sitcom-y idea for a story, but you can be certain that it will head down some truly unnerving paths before long.

black mirrorThen there’s the story that revolves around humans having the ability to literally “block” people in a manner comparable to the way Facebook and other social media allows us to. Spall gets into an argument with a lady friend (or ex-friend, as it were) and finds himself reduced to a silent blob of static. I already know this tale is going to be my favorite.

black mirrorFor the third story, Oona Chaplin gets involved with a piece of smart technology that she thinks will do her good, but she apparently just ends up trapped inside of a white nothingness. Still, she somehow communicates with Hamm, who sees her inside of an egg thing. I don’t entirely grasp where this one is going either. That’s really the joy of Black Mirror, not quite knowing where the plot will veer off and take you at any given moment.

Catch up on both (way too short) seasons of Black Mirror on Netflix while waiting for the special to air. U.K. viewers can look forward to watching it on Tuesday, December 16, while U.S. audiences have to wait until Christmas Day to find it on DirecTV’s Audience network.