Visit Exotic Locations In A Galaxy Far, Far Away With Star Wars Travel Posters

By Brent McKnight | Updated

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Have you ever wished you could travel to the exotic places and locations in your favorite science fiction films? Imagine, if you will, exploring distant worlds, encountering exotic people and creatures, and soaring through space in an iconic spacecraft. If only they were real.

If you can’t picture that (what kind of sci-fi fan are you?), this new collection of Star Wars-themed travel posters tease a variety of theoretical travel options. If only you were in a galaxy far, far away you, too, could explore all of the potential destinations and unique tourist opportunities available in George Lucas’ universe.

These throwback style posters come from graphic designer and artist Steve Thomas, and they do way more than simply tout places to visit. Among these posters you’ll find tours, amenities, events, and more. They’re pretty damn clever and inventive, playing with the tropes and types of this classic style of marketing. It’s easy to imagine how this sort of advertising might actually look, should the Empire, or the Tatooine chamber of commerce feel the need to boost their annual tourism. (Don’t you wish you could book a hotel room on the Death Star, and relax and drink in the stunning view as you float around the galaxy, blasting unsuspecting planets into dust?)

Check out this “Alderaan by Moonlight” poster to see Thomas’ wry sense of humor at work. The “Moon” in question is no moon at all, and when you get a look at it in the night sky, you’ll have just a moment or two to have second thoughts about your choice of travel destination.

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