Transformers: Age Of Extinction Gets Skrillex Sound Design And Dumb Trucker Hats

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

transformersYou guys remember not too long ago when movies like Transformers and The Dark Knight took their sound design and score off the deep end of the bass spectrum with the warbles and the throbbing? That hasn’t changed much, as Godzilla sometimes reminded us, and it’s about to get a lot more thumpy with Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, because EDM superstar Skrillex is coming to the party. Well, I guess now is when we can officially start referring to it as a party.

There admittedly isn’t really a whole lot to delve into as far as his involvement is concerned, but it’s known that he’s working on the film’s sound design, and that he is “creating the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make.” If you’ve ever listened to Skrillex’s music, you know that he’s already capable of making some pretty unique sounds. (You might even call it “noise,” depending on how high you wear your pants.) So to consider him doing something that could safely be called the Skrillexiestest thing in existence is kind of intimidating to those not wanting their eardrums numbed. But then again, one would expect nothing less from Michael Bay. I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t just invented a real Transformer by this point.

Speaking with Billboard, Skrillex also shared that he’s working on other film scores. It’s easy to imagine him carving another notch into his career creating scores for sci-fi and action movies. I’m pretty sure Underworld: The Ninth One is right up his alley.

Take a listen to the spacey jam “All is Fair in Love and Brostep” off of his latest album, Recess.

After you’ve mopped your brains up off of the floor, get ready to bash them all down to the floor again after seeing the crazyballs hat-and-mask combos that Sytlin Online has for the most hardcore of Transformers fans out there. Not only do you get a mesh-back trucker hat with an Autobot emblem on it, but you also get a drop-down Optimus Prime mask, with round eye holes cut out. Just like the real thing! It’s hard to imagine anyone actually wearing it like this beyond five seconds after receiving it, but perhaps someone with facial scarring would enjoy it.


Oh, and if you want to be a dastardly Decipticon, there’s a pill for that, too. I mean, there’s a hat for that.


Beware. It says one size fits most, but it’s really supposed to be meant for children. I mean, that’s just what I’m assuming, considering it comes with a mask with round eye holes cut out.

Anyway, Transformers: Age of Extinction will hit theaters on June 27.