Transformers: Age Of Extinction Drops A Short TV Spot Full Of New Footage

By Brent McKnight | Published

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Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction is set to open worldwide this Friday, June 27—unless a lawsuit in China delays the release there—and it is sure to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. Even though the previous movies in the franchise have earned billions of dollars—billions with a B and an S—that doesn’t mean that Paramount Pictures is going to be content to rest on their laurels and not promote their movie. Oh no, that’s not how they role at all. In fact, the closer we get, the more we see, including this latest short TV spot.

And when we say short, we mean very short. This video may only be 15-seconds long, but almost all of those seconds are full of new footage. Considering that Bay is fond of shots that are measured in nanoseconds, you can fit quite a lot of shiny new film into a spot this brief.

Age of Extinction premiered in Hong Kong late last week, and the reviews began drifting in over the weekend. Overall, they’ve been positive, though guarded, calling the story and characters disposable, but the movie itself a decent amount of fun. The basic gist seems to be that fans of the earlier installments will enjoy this chapter in the saga, and that the film, designed as a soft reboot and the start of a brand new trilogy, does just enough to reinvent itself.

Set in the same world as the other films, Age of Extinction features new characters—as well as some familiar faces—and new story arcs. Mark Wahlberg takes the center stage from a human perspective, playing a mechanic and wannabe inventor named Cade Yaeger who comes across the discarded carcass of Optimus Prime. Transformers have been outlawed in the destructive wake of Dark of the Moon, so refurbishing the Autobot leader is a big no-no, and leads to some trouble. But legal issues are the least of his worries when a new villain, Lockdown, arrives on the scene and starts wrecking up the joint.

Transformers Age of ExtinctionOne of the primary new additions to the franchise are the Dinobots. From the look of this, and everything else we’ve seen, they’re going to be all over the place, jumping onto bridges in the middle of rush hour…

Transformers Age of Extinction…and shooting flames with dudes who look like samurais. Should be a ridiculous time and a spectacle of epic proportions. Clocking in at 165-minutes, there is certainly room for everything, including the kitchen sink, which probably turns into a Transformer.

Transformers Age of Extinction
Transformers Age of Extinction