Bumblebee 2: All We Know About The Transformers Sequel

By Rick Gonzales | 7 months ago

bumblebee 2 characters

Bumblebee 2 should have been a surefire sequel, but the future of the entire Transformers franchise has been thrown into question. Still, it looks like the sequel is a go. Paramount Pictures is moving forward with not one but three new Transformers movies and one of them is likely to be Bumblebee 2.

Back in January, Paramount announced the were working on scripts for two live-action Transformers movies. One was for Beast Wars, being written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, Murder Mystery). The other could possibly be the sequel to Bumblebee, which was being written by Army of the Dead’s scripter Joby Harold. It is unknown of Travis Knight will return to the director’s chair, though with the success of the first movie, it would be shocking if he didn’t.

Here’s everything we do know about Bumblebee 2 so far.


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What about Hailee Steinfeld? Will she be back for Bumblebee 2? The success of the first movie, plus her character’s relationship with Bumblebee would almost assure fans that she would return.

John Cena

Look for John Cena to come back as Agent Burns. In fact, the wrestler-turned-actor expressed his desire to return to the successful franchise. He told CinemaBlend: “I hope so. I really enjoyed working with Travis, but I love the movie and it looks like it’s going to make a lot of money too, so hopefully we’ll be able to do it again.”

Cena was also asked where he would like to see his character go if there was in fact a sequel to be had. “Oh, I’m not, I’m not selfish in that regard. The one thing I’d like to see is that it be just as good of a story. I think if I get too involved with what I’m doing rather than what the movie is doing, the movie suffers. I think as long as the movie reads as good as Bumblebee then we’ll be off to a good start.”

So while the actor didn’t give specifics, he does seem willing to take part in Bumblebee 2. The fact that his Agent Burns had a massive change of heart in the first movie could turn his character into one that the franchise may look to capitalize on in the future.


bumblebee 2

Charlie and Bumblebee go their separate ways at the end of the first movie. So how would this play into bringing back Steinfeld with Bumblebee in Bumblebee 2? Well just as Michael Bay did with Shia LaBeouf, there is always a way. One could hope, though, the story remains as grounded as the first, the explosions less Bay-like and perhaps a bit more of Optimus Prime. Maybe even more Transformers, though that may start taking it into Bay territory.

According to Knight, they wanted to get many more Transformers into the beginning of Bumblebee, but the budget sometimes gets in the way. He told Digital Spy, “Every single character you see in the opening of the film was a new model, it had to be designed and built and that all costs money. I put as many as I could, but at some point, you run out of budget. I would have loved to have a bunch more in there, but we did the best with what we had.”


bumblebee 2

With two Transformers movies on the docket, we are unsure which one is moving forward first. What we do know is that a transformer movie is set to be released in the summer of 2022. Beast Wars or Bumblebee 2. Chances are we will find out sooner rather than later.


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The direction was set but unfortunately, the results were diminishing. Michael Bay, the master of explosions and incoherent action, brought the Transformers series to life, but as he went from one movie to the next in the franchise, their popularity began to dwindle. This is not a good recipe for directors who are spending hundreds of millions to make their movie, only to get a minimal return. So, what does Paramount Pictures do? Bumblebee. It was such a hit, that here we are talking about Bumblebee 2.

The movie, the first in the Transformers franchise not directed by Bay, was a return to smaller mayhem. It was directed by Travis Knight and although Michael Bay received a producer’s credit, his presence wasn’t felt… much. Knight still employed some great battle sequences, but the movie was a welcome direction changer for fans of the series and newcomers who may not have enjoyed one of the Bay flicks.

Bumblebee is set in the late ‘80s and follows the story of Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfeld, an 18-year old who is simply trying to find her place in society after her father passes away. She comes across a beat-up VW in a junkyard and decides to restore it. While doing so, the VW transforms into B-127, which Charlie names Bumblebee. It’ll be interesting to see if Bumblebee 2 stays in the same time period.

B-1267 had been sent to Earth by Autobot leader Optimus Prime so he could scout the planet as a place the Autobots could use to set up a base of operations. The remaining story has Charlie and Bumblebee on the run from a secret agency and the Decepticons. The movie also starred for WWE Superstar John Cena as well as Jorge Lendeborg Jr., and Jason Drucker. Dylan O’Brien voiced the role of Bumblebee.

The movie was a success. Though, it was not the overwhelming success that Bay’s Transformers was. Heck, the Bay franchise has made close to $5 billion at the box office, but it was enough to bring on a sequel in Bumblebee 2. To date, Bumblebee has earned close to $500 million on an estimated $102-135 million budget. Those numbers might not be overwhelming but the movie itself received the highest critical rating out of the series, something that favored a sequel being made. Expect more of the same from Bumblebee 2.