Is Hailee Steinfeld Returning To Marvel?

Could Hailee Steinfeld be returning to Marvel? It sure seems like this should be the case moving forward in the universe.

By Mark McKee | Published

hailee steinfeld hawkeye

One thing viewers can always count on is the return of a character that is introduced in a project. Even when you think a character is a one-time only, it is possible that they show up later on. Someone like Emil Blonsky, The Leader from the often forgotten Incredible Hulk movie, or Red Skull popping up in Avengers: Infinity War proves that no one is ever around for a simple single appearance. Of course, when they take on the mantle of one of the original six Avengers, you can bet they will be back. Although Hailee Steinfeld was the lead in the limited series Hawkeye, all evidence and Marvel tradition point to her making a return to the franchise in more projects. Now, according to some leaked information, fans have an idea of when they will get to see the young archer again. 

According to Movieweb, the Disney Latino website posted a leaked character checklist for Phase 5 that included Hailee Steinfeld. It isn’t surprising that she would be ready for a return to the franchise since taking on the mantle of Hawkeye pit her against Kingpin himself. Although there is no information available yet on where she will appear in Phase 5, there are rumors that she will appear in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. That is the film slated to end Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and her appearance could begin to set up an arc continuing into later phases. 

Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop has a storied history in Marvel Comics. She is the daughter of Manhatten socialites, who becomes the second person to carry the Hawkeye mantle. Phase 5 is slotted to build to the creation of the antihero team, The Thunderbolts, presumably with Yelena Bulova leading a group consisting of Baron Zemo, US Agent, and Emil Blonsky. With that team and the Avengers consisting of the more mainstream heroes, it remains to be seen if there is room in the MCU for yet another team. Especially since Phase 6 will kick off with the introduction of the Fantastic Four. But if the Marvel Cinematic Universe chose to introduce the Young Avengers, they already have the team’s beginnings with Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, Cassie Lang’s Stature, and Riri Williams’ Ironheart. 

Hailee Steinfeld was the undisputed standout of Hawkeye when it hit Disney+. She brought a needed levity to the character that did the same in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She showed that she was the perfect replacement for Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and that she was ready to carry a film or series on her own. While fans may have to wait a little while to see her return to the MCU, when she does, it will likely be in a leadership role. Ironically enough, the character will almost certainly be like a fish out of water all over again. Putting her in that position will work perfectly for Steinfeld and the Hawkeye name, as fans have been waiting for Hawkeye to get the proper treatment since he first showed up in Thor way back in Phase 1.