Video Proves Starships Can Dance

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Science fiction is an indelible part of our pop culture… but it doesn’t usually lend itself to dance music. Maybe it’s time that changed. Believe it or not, starships can dance.

Watch it happen in the video embedded below. To watch it you’ll need the password “starships”.

My only real complaint here is that it needs a little Babylon 5 mixed in. No sci-fi show in history has had better space combat. B5’s absence notwithstanding, they did a pretty great job of hitting a lot of sci-fi’s best starship highlights, blending the likes of Star Trek, Firefly and Farscape with movies like 2001, Apollo 13, and even Spaceballs.

The song used is from Nicki Menaj and while she spends most of it singing about how awesome spaceflight is, for some reason the music video she attached to the song has absolutely nothing to do with space travel. Instead just features people in bikinis dancing on a beach. Here’s the original, massively inferior version…

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