Star Wars/Trek Video Duel: Mr. And Mrs. Sith Vs. The Worf Of Starfleet

By David Wharton | Published

SithWorfFans have been picking sides on the whole Star Wars/Star Trek divide…well, pretty much as long as the two of them have existed concurrently. We here at GFR side with George Takei in insisting that we should all just get along and enjoy them both, but every once in a while the urge to kick the anthill over becomes too powerful. So today we’ve got two fun fan videos, one each for Wars and Trek. They’re both very different, so this is really like comparing apples and oranges, but screw that, we’re encouraging hot-headed partisan bickering by sticking a poll down at the bottom so you can vote for your favorite. Let the Great Feud continue!

First up is Mr. and Mrs. Smith, featuring the Defcom United Stuntteam from Germany. We’ve seen tons of amateur lightsaber videos over the years, ranging from the briefly infamous to the downright epic. This one isn’t the most impressive lightsaber duel you’ll ever see, but it earns extra points for keeping its sense of humor. I won’t spoil the surprise, but if you ever wondered what passes as foreplay (Forceplay?) among Dark Side users, this should answer your question.

And then we get the Star Trek contender in today’s competition: another in a long line of video’s spoofing the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, this time using the Worf of Starfleet. The wordplay is obvious and we’ve seen people making the joke before elsewhere on the web, but YouTuber doubleg1707 actually took the time to edit together a full parody trailer. He did a pretty spectacular job, too, editing together footage from throughout The Next Generation that works perfectly against the musical track of Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead.” Kudos as well for including some of the best and funniest Worf moments from throughout the series. I still crack up at Michael Dorn’s delivery of the line, “Die.” I’m including the original movie trailer as well, for comparison’s sake.

So there you have it, your contenders. One is an impressive display of filmmaking, complete with stunts, makeup work, and a generally slick and well-produced feel. The other is a perfect example of what you can accomplish with some smart editing and a keen eye for picking just the right moments from the piles and piles of material out there. We think they’re both pretty great, but we’re inviting you to vote anyway.

So which shall it be, GFR readers? Will Mr. and Mrs. Sith emerge victorious? Or shall The Worf of Starfleet earn the (wholly nonexistent) GFR Trophy of Applied Excellence? What say you?

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