Sci-Fi Speed Dating TV Show Coming To TLC

By Joshua Tyler | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

I’m of the opinion that it’s kind of a bad idea for nerds to marry each other. You’re probably better off with a tolerant, non-nerd girl who can give you a reality check, now and then. But for every nerd who dreams of one day finding that all too rare and elusive, super hot nerd girl… TLC is ready to fulfill your fantasies.

The network is planning a new reality dating show, entirely for geeks. Unlike Beauty and the Geek, which tried to pair nerds with non-nerd girls, this show combs the world for top of the line geek-girls to pair with your average, wookie-lovin geek dude.

Here’s the trailer for the show, called Geek Love, in which the nerds do a round of Sci-Fi Speed Dating:

My biggest fear here is that, like so many of the modern media world’s attempt to cash in on geek culture, this will actually end up going The Big Bang Theory route and mostly use the premise to make fun of nerds. Granted, it’s hard not to make fun of a guy who when confronted with a super hot girl in a slutty costume is only interested in asking her if she likes Star Wars (At least come up with something more obscure, you asshole. Ask her if she’s a Farscape fan.), but making fun of geeks is too much like shooting fish in a barrel.

I’m also a little sick of seeing guys in Darth Vader costumes standing around every time anyone does anything that has to do with geeks. Hahaha yes we get it geeks like Darth Vader. Seriously, Lucasfilm should sue some of these assholes.

Be better than that, Geek Love, when you premiere December 18th at 9pm.