RIP Robert Asprin

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Beloved science fiction author Robert Asprin died last week, on Thursday. If you don’t know Asprin’s work, think Terry Pratchet, but in the science fiction realm. I latched on to him via his “Phule’s Company” series, the story of a bunch of lowlife space soldiers winning against impossible, and occasionally humorous odds with the help of their brilliant commander.

During his decades spanning literary career, Asprin wrote more than 50 books. He’s survived by his mother, sister, daughter, and son.

According to various reports Asprin was found, appropriately enough, lying in bed with a Terry Pratchet book in one hand and his glasses by his side. I can’t imagine a better way to go than peacefully reading a good book. No word yet on what caused his death, he was not known to have any serious health problems though word is he was notorious for avoiding doctors.

Robert Asprin was only 62.

Robert Asprin 1946 – 2008