Ridley Scott And Machinima Team Up For 12 Sci-Fi Shorts

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Legendary Blade Runner and Alien director Ridley Scott, through his Ridley Scott and Associates commercial production brand, is going to team with Machinima to churn out a dozen short science fiction films.

This alliance seeks to capitalize on Machinima’s connection to the coveted, yet difficult to crack, 18-34 year-old male market, while making use of RSA’s access to top-tier filmmaking talent. The end game is to make these 12 shorts, use Machinima’s network to get them out there in the world at large, and should any of these films prove successful, perhaps turn them into larger, more profitable projects.

Scott has this to say about the collaboration:

RSA has always been at the forefront of creating innovative work. With new media transforming the way audiences connect with films and filmmakers, Machinima is a great partner for us as we embark on this new model of delivering original content to fans. It’s a tremendous opportunity for pushing the creative boundaries for both our filmmakers and the audience.

Recently Scott has spent much time revisiting the worlds of his earlier genre victories—chiefly Prometheus and the rumored Blade Runner sequel—and as a result, the 75-year-old filmmaker will sit out the directing duties. Instead he will serve as executive producer on the films. That’s not such terrible news considering RSA’s roster includes big-time directorial types like Neill Blomkamp, Joe Carnahan, Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes, and Kathryn Bigelow. You may have heard a few of those names.

The idea is to mine this talent base for potential ideas, maybe premises they have that aren’t quite worthy of a feature-length film, or that would work best in an online capacity. Ideally the goal is to spawn and develop new science fiction franchises. Should this model prove successful, look forward to future go-rounds of this approach.