The Real Ghostbusters And Universal’s Monsters Will Haunt Your Toy Shelves

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

real ghostbustersToys! Toys! Toys! My adulthood has been plagued by the kind of non-poverty that allows for bills to get paid without any leftover funds to spend on recreational plastic figures. But still, I get a lot of window-shopping done in front of my computer screen. A couple of interesting new announcements made at Comic-Con revealed Mattel is working on a batch of figures based on the classic animated series The Real Ghostbusters, while the big heads over at Funko are creating a line inspired by Universal’s legendary line of movie monsters. Gift giving is allowed on Halloween, right? Any takers? Samhain?

Details about Mattel’s line are limited beyond the announcement itself, made over the weekend, and the only other thing mentioned is that they will be coming out in 2015. That’s no big surprise. It’ll be interesting to see what’s different between this line of Real Ghostbusters figures and the awesomely colorful Retro-Action series they released a few years ago. Either way, I’m certain the figures will be amazing. Perhaps they’ll dip into the youth-skewing Slimer! for a Professor Dweeb figure. Man, I miss that show.

Here’s the bland announcement image Mattel released, which accompanied the announcement that they’re also releasing a line of 30th Anniversary 2-packs.

ghostbustersFunko‘s cute and playful Pop! Vinyl! series is more on the ball, as they already have images up for their Universal monster line. We’re not as keen on Dracula and the Wolfman as others might be, but we’re definitely loving the Frankenstein creature and his beautiful Bride. My personal favorite is the Creature from the Black Lagoon, although I’m quite intrigued by Funko’s inclusion of This Island Earth‘s Metaluna Mutant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that outside of Mystery Science Theater: The Movie. Take a look at the entire lineup below.

monstersIt’s definitely worth noting that Funko also got into the malicious spirit of all things Ghostbusters by releasing their own 30th Anniversary set. And it’s as super cool as you’d expect.

ghostbustersCan you guys just imagine in 2075 when they’re putting out 30th Anniversary sets for Ghostbusters 3?