Neil Patrick Harris Abducted By Puppet Aliens, Demands To Be Probed

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Neil Patrick Harris is one of those things in life that everyone with a shred of humanity should love unabashedly, like The Shawshank Redemption or pie. But here’s a thing you might not know about NPH: he’s got puppets in the brain. Or on the brain. There are puppets and there is his brain, and both of them are sort of mixed up like a casserole, is what I’m trying to say. Your average Joe or Jane with puppets on the brain would consult their physician, be diagnosed with a brain tumor, and start making their bucket list. Neil Patrick Harris skipped all that stupid in-between stuff and instead decided to make a web series about how he has puppets on the brain.

Neil’s Puppet Dreams is a charming little web series featured on the Nerdist YouTube Channel. The concept is simple: Neil Patrick Harris is a narcoleptic, and when he falls asleep, he dreams about puppets. In the latest installment, Neil’s car trouble is interrupted by a trio of poop-looking extraterrestrials who prove surprisingly resistant to Neil’s request for a good probing. It’s ever-so-slightly NSFW

If you’re amused by Neil’s Puppet Dreams, you might also want to check out this previous installment wherein Dr. Nathan Fillion investigates NPH’s crotch.