Neil Patrick Harris Battles David Tennant In New Doctor Who Anniversary Trailer

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Ever since the BBC revealed that David Tennant would be starring in the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special episodes later this year, fans have been wondering exactly when they could tune into the return of the 10th Doctor. Now, a recent trailer gives us a better look at Tennant’s Doctor fighting against Neil Patrick Harris’s Toymaker, a vintage villain making a return for revenge. Better still, the trailer reveals that episodes will roll out weekly on BBC and Disney+ and that the first of the three episodes drops on November 25.

The first trailer for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special episodes reveals that the first episodes will air on November 25.

We also have episode names for the Doctor Who anniversary, though if you can figure out the exact plot from these ambiguous names, you might be as smart as the Doctor version of Donna Noble. The episode premiering November 25 is “The Star Beast,” and it will be followed by an episode titled “Wild Blue Yonder.” The special wraps up on December 9 with “The Giggle,” a title which brings to mind the nervously happy reaction most fans had when they discovered we’d be getting more of David Tennant in Doctor Who.

Aside from giving us the premiere date and heavily (and boy, do we mean heavily) promoting Disney+, the newest trailer for the Doctor Who anniversary didn’t reveal much that we haven’t seen in previous teasers and trailers.

The Toymaker

For example, we get a few new shots of The Toymaker, but nothing that seems to reveal his ultimate plan or why he made a return after all these years. This villain was one that the very first Doctor tangled with and who hasn’t been seen onscreen since, meaning fans have been waiting 57 years (and the Doctor has been waiting thousands of years) to see him again.

The new Doctor Who trailer also lets us see more of Donna Noble, and her character seems to be very central to the story. Previously, Donna briefly gained the mental powers of The Doctor, and in order to keep her mind from burning out, the Doctor had to erase her memories of their time together. She could die if those memories come back, and since she is forced to once again team up with Tennant’s Doctor in the special, it’s an open question as to whether this fan-favorite character will survive the reunion.

Donna and the Tenth Doctor won’t be the only familiar faces coming back for the Doctor Who special. Yasmin Finney will be returning as Rose Temple-Noble (a Companion to Jodi Whitaker’s Doctor) and Jacqueline King is returning to play Sylvia Noble, Donna’s mother. Shaun Temple is returning as Donna’s husband, and Jemma Redgrave is returning to play everyone’s favorite badass UNIT commander Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

The new Doctor Who trailer also lets us see more of Donna Noble, and her character seems to be very central to the story.

In other words, there is plenty to look forward to in this Doctor Who special. These returning players promise to make this a nostalgic trip for old fans, and the brief glimpse of Ncuti Gatwa at the end of the trailer promises that we’ll see how his new regeneration of the Doctor gets introduced. Now, we just have one question: could anyone do some timey-wimey stuff and take us to November 25 so we can start watching the specials now instead of having to wait?