Mega Bloks Celebrates Its 117th Halo Set With A Massive Space Ship

By Brian Williams | Updated

I don’t care if you love Halo or are completely indifferent to it, gigantic spaceships are cool, and Mega Bloks seems to have finally figured that one out with their newest release. In order to celebrate it’s 117th Halo set (for the uninitiated, Master Chief’s real name/designation is John 117), they will ship their biggest set yet with the 2,800 block Forward Unto Dawn. Forward Unto Dawn is the ship where we last see Master Chief marooned at the end of Halo 3 and it is also the title of the upcoming 90 minute live action web series that sets the background for the events in Halo 4.

As you can see from the announcement video, the set is huge. This will be the first installment in what they are calling the Mega Bloks Signature Series, which I’m sure is Latin for “expensive”. The set comes with 4 exclusive figurines as well a light up Cortana minifigurine that sets up right next to the little Master Chief cryo containment pod in the back of the ship. Among the other features are a removable top, fully stocked armory, and the ability to split the ship in half to recreate the scene from the first Halo 4 teaser.

Halo purists out there might notice something odd about the Forward Unto Dawn model, like the fact that it looks absolutely nothing like the ship from the games. One could even say that the ship bears a closer resemblance to the UNSC Infinity that will be a central player in Halo 4 than it does to the Forward Unto Dawn. Although I will admit that it is a bit odd to change the look of a ship that ends one game, starts another and has its own web series coming out in a few months, you can’t deny that the sleeker design of this model just looks way cooler.

Here is a pic of the Forward Unto Dawn as it appears in Halo 3

Here is a photo of the UNSC Infinity from Halo 4

I dig space ships and Mega Bloks almost had me when I saw the Halo Sabre set at a store the other day. I guess we’ll find out if my wallet will be weeping over the $266 price tag when I see the Forward Unto Dawn exclusively on Toys R Us shelves in November.