Mad Max: Fury Road Could Be As Awesome As We All Hope

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Mad Max Fury RoadGranted, this is barely news, but since it concerns one of our most anticipated upcoming movies, I’m going to run with it anyway. According to one person who has seen a cut of the movie, George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, his long-awaited return to the high-octane post-apocalyptic wastes, is completely and totally awesome. And remember those reshoots we heard about a while back? Those ain’t no big thing. This is easily the best thing I’ve heard all day, in many days actually.

The fine folks over at Badass Digest have chatted with someone on the inside who has laid eyes on Fury Road, and it is, well, badass. Word on the street is that the film is one long, insane chase scene, which is, of course, exactly what all of us want out of a Mad Max movie.

According to the source, star Tom Hardy, who takes over the iconic Max Rockatansky role from Mel Gibson, is still talking in his much maligned Bane voice from The Dark Knight Rises. Even that sounds good to me. I know I’m in the vast, vast minority here, but I totally love Bane’s weird old man voice. It’s soothing. I want him to read me bedtime stories. For those of you who have an aversion to this particular accent—which, lets be honest, is almost all of you—this is Mad Max movie, so you know he isn’t going to spend all that much time talking. This is a man of few words, he’d rather let his driving say what needs to be said.

Fury Road finished principal photography late in 2012, leading some of us to hope we might finally lay eyes on the thing before the end of this year. Unless they pull one hell of a rabbit out of their hat, that isn’t going to happen. When we heard that Miller and company were going back for extensive reshoots, we feared the worst. This is, after all, a movie that had production delayed multiple time, including catastrophic floods.

But apparently the purpose of this additional filming time is to make the film even more awesome. The intention is to up the ante as far as action goes. Miller originally had an idea for a big action set piece that involves a vehicle elevator, but didn’t initially have the funds to pull it off as he would like. However, after the studio got a look at the footage he had already captured, they loosened the purse strings and gave him the cash to do it up right. When does that happen?

If you, like me, have been worried about Mad Max: Fury Road, this will be the sweetest thing you’ve heard about the film since it was announced. Given the especially rocky path, I still suspect that every print, along with every last negative, will be lost in a tragic fire before I have the chance to see this movie. But this is definitely reassuring news, I was starting to sweat.