Take A Look At This Incredible Godzilla-Themed Hotel

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

GodzillaAre hotels generally not terrifying enough for you? Do you wake up refreshed and well rested after a night of sleeping on nice clean, crisp sheets wishing that there was more danger of being crushed to death during your stay? Do you lament the fact that there’s not a giant, skyscraper tall monster peeking in your window as you sip your morning coffee? If that’s the case, this awesome Godzilla-themed hotel in Japan may be just what you’re looking for on your next vacation.

Kotaku came across a bunch of photos and pieces of concept art for The Hotel Gracery. Set to open to the public on April 24 of this year, this particular boarding facility just so happens to have a massive Godzilla head looming on the roof, peering out into the city, right outside of some windows (only two of the rooms offer this disquieting feature). Even if you expect it, waking up to the King of the Monsters taking a gander inside of your room has to be one hell of a shock.

GodzillaThe 30-story Shinjuku hotel even sits above Toho Cinema, which is, of course, the company responsible for creating Godzilla in the first place. So just in case the various Godzilla decorated rooms aren’t enough, maybe you can watch one of his big screen adventures before you hit the rack. That should lead to some incredible dreams.

GodzillaThere’s the so-called “Godzilla Room,” which is decorated with all things related to the baddest monster of all time…

Godzilla…you can go check out the view next to the giant head on the observation deck…

Godzilla…and even the crapper is all decked out.

GodzillaThe Godzilla Room will set you back $334 on a weekday and $417 on a weekend or holiday, while the Godzilla View Rooms start at $125 a night. That definitely seems like the cooler option, though they only come with a single bed, and you can probably hear all the people out on the observation deck. Still, I’ve stayed a lot worse places on vacation. Someone needs to stay here and let us know how it is.