Home Trailer: Watch An Alien Save The Planet With Rihanna

By Nick Venable | Published

We’ve seen multitudes of alien races trying to destroy the Earth over the years—don’t worry, I’m only talking about in movies—but rarely are we introduced to aliens that actually want to save the planet. Meet Oh the Boov, as voiced by Emmy-winner Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), who teams up with a young girl voiced by Rihanna for an otherworldly adventure filled with danger, explosions, and Sean Paul’s “Get Busy.” Check out the latest trailer below for Home and try not to embarrass me by dancing to it.

We all know that DreamWorks Animation is a hit or miss studio, with movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Mr. Peabody & Sherman standing far above more forgetful affairs like Rise of the Guardians or whatever Madagascar movie they’re on now. And it’s rather hard to tell where Home is going to fall on that spectrum.

For one, its cute alien main character thinks his name is “Oh” because all of his “friends” greet him with that exact exasperated exclamation, which is pretty clever. On the opposite side, there’s that eleven-year-old Sean Paul song, which Oh dances to and shakes his hands without caring. It’s scenes like this, which probably took months of storyboarding and animating, that exhibit everything wrong with Hollywood for children. This movie is partially aimed at people that weren’t even alive when that song came out.

Widening the scope beyond dancehall hits, Home sees the Boov alien race—far from the smartest in the universe—invading Earth to use it as a hiding spot, as they’re trying to stay outside the scope of their enemies. Thinking that they’re helping out, the Boov begin to relocate humanity, but one young girl, Tip (Rihanna), heads out on the run, where she meets up with Oh, who accidentally alerts the alien enemies to their location. That’s presumably once the more visually fantastic things in the trailer happen, as there are a lot of large-scale disasters, both on and off the planet. Perfect time to take a picture.

homeHome is based on the beloved children’s novel The True Meaning of Smekday, written by Adam Rex in 2007. Rex has a sequel coming out, Smek for President, in February 2015, so if DreamWorks makes bank with Home, you can bet they’ll head straight into production on that sequel.

Also starring Matt Jones, Jennifer Lopez, and Steve Martin, Home isn’t set to invade theaters until March 27, 2015. Which means “Get Busy” will be even older then.