Hasbro Launches The First Transformers: Age Of Extinction Toys

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Prime!Yesterday, we got our first look at Michael Bay’s newest film Transformers: Age of Extinction during Super Bowl XLVIII. While the Big Game and a majority of its commercials were lackluster and dull, it’s safe to say that Transformers won the day, in terms of movie teasers. We got a first look at Optimus Prime, Megatron, and, of course, the Dinobots. Now that the first footage of Age of Extinction has aired, Hasbro has launched the movie’s toy line.

The images below feature the new and improved Optimus Prime as both a semi-truck and a fully loaded robot. The toy comes equipped with a sword and shield, while it also looks like the Autobots’ leader might have an axe as well. With only four months until Age of Extinction storms theaters, it’s only going to be a matter of time before Hasbro releases other pieces of the product line.

Optimus Prime looks great. With a new trilogy just over the horizon, some people expected the movie studio and toy manufacturers would retire the Autobot leader in the movies and introduce his predecessor, Rodimus Prime. Hasbro has always wanted new Transformers in these movies, so it seems like the producers might retire or kill off the Autobot Leader. After four movies, this just might be the last one for Optimus Prime.

Hasbro has also launched the Transformers Headquarters on Amazon. The product page features anything and everything Age of Extinction-related, including Dinobots toys from Generation-One, and Blu-rays of the first trilogy. At the moment, it’s the only place online where you can buy the first and limited edition of the Optimus Prime action figure from Age of Extinction.

While Paramount released the first look, director Michael Bay teased that the film’s first trailer will be available soon after the Big Game. While he didn’t specify when it will be released, it could screen sometime next week before screenings of the RoboCop remake, which opens wide in theaters on Wednesday, February 12th.

Recently, a plot description of Transformers 4 has surfaced online. The details include the movie featuring the U.S. Government building their own Transformers based on technology found in the rubble in Chicago after the epic battle at the end of Dark of the Moon, and how Mark Wahlberg’s character of Cade Yaeger and his family become the center of the new film trilogy. The description also points to the film’s newest addition to the film, the Decepticon Lockdown, as a bounty hunter in pursuit of Optimus Prime and the remaining Autobots on Earth. It’s likely that Paramount will release more plot details before Age of Extinction is released.

Transformers 4 also stars Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci, Sophia Myles, T.J. Miller, Victoria Summer, Li Bingbing, Titus Welliver, Kelsey Grammer, and Peter Cullen. Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters everywhere on June 27, 2014, in 3D and IMAX.