Great Scott! Back To The Future Lego Sets Channel 1.21 Gigawatts Of Awesome

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

HillValley1If there’s one thing the internet has taught us, it’s that Lego creations are awesome. Okay, if there’s only one thing the internet has taught us, it’s that people will never get tired of cat videos. But the Lego thing would still be somewhere in the top five, ideally above any of the lessons involving pornography you can’t unsee. But as awesome as Lego creations are in and of themselves, we love them even more when they’re recreating some of our favorite movies, TV shows, and so on. That’s a big part of why the Lego Batman/Harry Potter/Indiana Jones games are so much fun. So when it comes to Lego versions of iconic settings from the Back to the Future series, you had our attention long before you hit 88 miles per hour.

Even better, you can express your approval for these awesome but unofficial BTTF Lego sets by voting for them on the aptly named “Lego Ideas” website. If they get enough votes, they’ll go before the Lego Review Board — which I presume is headed by Lord Business — and have a chance at becoming a real boy real, official Lego set.

This first batch (all via /Film) comes from a dude who calls himself OrionPax, who went downright crazy recreating downtown Hill Valley circa 2015, including brick-ified versions of the infamous clock tower, the diner, the pond Marty unsuccessfully tries to hoverboard across, the futuristic Texaco gas station, and even the theater showing Jaws 19.








Of course, if you want to spend some time in futuristic Hill Valley, you’re gonna need a time machine to get you there. (Or you could just wait like six months I guess.) Most people would opt for the DeLorean, but I like to think GFR readers are discriminating sorts who think outside the box. So why not travel in serious style aboard a flying, steam-powered, time-traveling choo-choo? Or at least a badass Lego recreation of one.






The train set was created by builder GRusso, who described it thusly:

The set is made in two independent parts. The locomotive and what seems to be some sort of a remodeled coal wagon. There’s very [little] explanation in the movie as to how the train functions except that it is ‘fueled’ by plain water and that to transport to one time to another, the wheels fold inward and it deploys some bat shaped wings from underneath while it flies to its destiny. I choose to make this train as a fully functioning LEGO train. The base is an adapted copy of the Night Emerald including the internal mechanism which makes the gears at each side to roll as the train goes over the tracks, powered by a 9V/6 wheels train engine. Both pieces are attached to each other by standard train magnets. The cabin includes the doors made in the original designed as seen in the video. However, I included a ‘drop-down’ back door to allow a much better access to its interior which is fully decorated and has enough room for 2 or even 3 minifigs (including a chair).

You can vote your support for the train set right here.