Ghostbusters Legos Coming Later This Year!

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

lego ghostbusters“There is no Dana, only Cuusoo!” Thirty years after its release, the sci-fi/comedy classic Ghostbusters is as alive as ever, which is good, seeing as how I’d have to round up three friends of differing efficiency to help blast protons and trap it if it resembled anything specterish. Fans everywhere will one day soon have the privilege of celebrating this anniversary with awesome Ghostbusters Lego figures! You might as well throw all your family pictures and other formerly important collectibles out, because you’re going to want to display this all over your house. That is, assuming the Bill Murray figure doesn’t refuse to take part in it.

Digital artist and video game designer Brent Waller submitted this fearsome foursome, along with the Ecto-1, to the Lego Cuusoo website, which allows fans to vote for projects they want to see become an official Lego set. Waller added this project last March and reached his 10,000 supporter goal in August. Lego execs get together every quarter to review the most promising designs, and Waller’s Ghostbusters figures beat out some other top-notch entries, including another Ghostbusters-themed idea. Not that there isn’t room in this world for two, plus a firehouse and the Shandor building’s temple top.

This set also beat out the female scientist project we’d talked about before, which is a shame. The 75th anniversary Wizard of Oz figures were also turned down, as were sets based on an Atlas mini-model, the Faster Than Light game, and the virtual world of Poptropica. I think we’re all a little better off without those last couple. Here are two more of Waller’s images for you to salivate over, even though Lego’s finalized designs are slightly different.

lego ghostbusters

ghostbusters lego

The set is currently in production, though it isn’t clear when it will be released, or how much it will cost. But we can look at the successful Back to the Future Cuusoo victory to gauge things. It took eight months for it to pass the review stage, which occurred in December 2012, and the set was available for purchase in August of 2013, to the Huey Lewis tune of $34.99. If this pattern holds true here, we may be able to play with the Ghostbusters set by September or October, probably for around the same price. So long as they release it during the movie’s actual 30-year anniversary, I’m fine with it.

It’s too bad all this didn’t happen before Phil Lord and Chris Miller started production on The LEGO Movie, which comes out next month. It would have been great to see Egon standing next to Batman. Maybe another time. For now, check out Cuusoo’s announcement video below, where they mention two of the next projects up for review will be based on The Legend of Zelda and Adventure Time. And also another BTTF DeLorean model, but I seriously doubt they would approve two of them.