See The Stranger Things Lego Trailer Recreate The Hawkins Gang

By Jason Collins | Published

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Stranger Things, a popular sci-fi horror drama television series on Netflix, just received a Lego recreation of its Season Two trailer, and the results are incredibly detailed and very faithful to the essence of the original trailer. This is just one of many Lego recreations of Stranger Things but also many other trailers of popular entertainment releases.

The Stranger Things Season 2 trailer recreated entirely in Lego is ingenious, fun, and a perfect shot-for-shot recreation.

LegoMe_TheOG, a 14-year-old animator and Lego enthusiast, shared an animated recreation of the whole Season Two trailer of Stranger Things made using nothing but LEGOs. The trailer is stunning, very well-detailed, and captures the essence of its live-action counterpart that was previously released on Netflix. It’s a rather impressive throwback to the series before the release of the upcoming and highly-anticipated Season Five of the series.

Admittedly, this isn’t the only time someone has made Stranger Things in Lego format, and several other creatives of the world wide web have made their own iterations of various segments of the show using Lego.

This gave birth to the idea that Stranger Things could work in a Lego set, which then became a reality with the official Upside-Down Lego set, complete with an adorable Demogorgon minifig. However, we’re not so sure that the Lego set would contribute to the feeling of dread.

Even if those in charge could capture the horrors of the show using nothing but Legos, there are also technological issues associated with the proposed project—it would be a rather impressive feat, considering the number of moving parts it would contain. However, we can’t but wonder just how entertaining the whole show would be and how ridiculous all the characters would look and move while in Lego format. If nothing else, it would attract some and deter others from the overwhelmingly massive world of Lego.

Lego has been expanding rapidly in recent years, with the official Stranger Things Upside-Down set clocking in at over 2,000 pieces.

With that said, smaller projects, such as individual scenes or trailers, might be the best way to experience Stranger Things in the Lego format. Humans compare stuff by nature, and this Lego creation is mostly charming because we compare it to the original works.

The same can be said for yet another LegoMe_TheOG creation, the Lrgo version of the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer. The trailer also looks absolutely adorable, but we have to point out that it rides on the back of the original. That doesn’t make it bad—quite the contrary—LegoMe_TheOG just had a 1-Up idea.

Stranger Things is a cultural phenomenon as evidenced by amazing fan projects like this Lego Season 2 trailer.

Stranger Things remains one of Netflix’s most popular releases; Season One has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 97 percent, while the most recently broadcasted season, Season Four, has a rating of 88 percent—a decline of 9 percent, though consistent, is really negligible.

A live-action Season Five, which casts acting legends such as Jodie Foster and Linda Hamilton, was initially scheduled to launch in 2024, but that release window was scrapped in favor of a later date. As things currently are, we can expect Season Five in 2025 at the earliest. But who knows, maybe they make a Lego movie in the meantime.