Godzilla Viral Videos Tease The Arrival Of The First Trailer

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

The viral marketing team behind the upcoming Godzilla reboot kicked things into high gear over the weekend, posting the mysterious new website mutoresearch.net. Loading it up gives you your typical “hacker” screen from any Hollywood movie, full of DOS-style command prompts and vague graphics. There’s no hint yet what M.U.T.O. stands for, but scanning the assorted gobbledygook on the site does turn up the word “Monarch,” which we’re guessing accounts for that first letter. We’d hazard it all has something to do with giant freakin’ monsters.

Intrepid pokers-about have uncovered two viral clips so far. The first video above clocks in at a mere 13 seconds, showing distorted footage including several armed soldiers moving in formation and an unidentified man saying, “You want to help? Well, this is your chance.” Perhaps he’s the “hacker” behind the site, or a “Deep Throat” style source who, within the movie’s fiction, is leaking this M.U.T.O. information to the interwebs. Here’s the second clip.

This one gives us a shot of a soldier leaping off of something, into an ocean or other large body of water below. Fleeing giant monsters? Who knows. Mr. M.U.T.O. is back as well, this time saying, “I realize not all of you have had hands-on experience.” Well, few have, except for the folks in the JAEGER program, and I recommend speed-dialing them pronto. There’s also a shot of a missile being lowered by soldiers in front of an American flag. So perhaps Godzilla’s origins will be tied into nuclear power this go-round as well?

ComicBookMovie also uncovered the intriguing image and text below, most likely pointing toward the film’s origins of the giant beasties. Will they emerge from underground?


’Hamlet doline’ constitutes an important example of Quaternary evolution of the Earth’s history, it is the Three Gorges causes a ‘living fossil.’ ‘Sinkhole” is the locals commonly known karst funnel, funnel called karst topography on geography. It is among several peaks dented a large oval funnel. Sinkhole pit floor elevation 1331 m, depth of 666.2 m, 622 m pit diameter, 522 m Bottom diameter. Not only have many river, as well as ease of secret hole in the sinkhole.These riparian lot of exotic flora and fauna, in the end how much? Who knows.The sinkhole is Wonderful steep caves, from the twenty-first century, explorers had conducted several countries expedition, but not yet fully understand the situation in many sinkhole cave. Scientists are still many caves, discovered many rare animals and plants and fossils. So, MUTO a social Mody mysterious organization? What they will find here? Does this turn and the ‘sinkhole’ in formation? With all the mysteries of the trailer may be exposed gradually revealed.

From a less fictional standpoint, the source image they’re using seems to be a shot of the so-called “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan. Soviet geologists ignited the inferno in 1971, accidentally hitting a cavern full of natural gas while drilling. It’s been burning continuously for over forty freakin’ years.


Needless to say, it’s a hell of a visual, so I’m not surprised to see a movie appropriating it. Here’s a video:

The Chinese website news.mtime.com found another viral image, and yet again it’s of a sinkhole. Specifically the Xiaozhai Tiankeng sinkhole, located in the Chongqing Municipality of China. As with the first image, it’s been manipulated to add elements, including a helicopter and a base camp of some sort, which again points back to the mutoresearch site. It seems pretty clear that, however the movie explains its giant monsters, those answers are going to be tied to sinkholes and subterranean fossils/life somehow.


There’s a bit more fun to be had from experimenting with the site. If you type the word “Godzilla” into the command prompt, it’s swift to inform you that “SYSTEM CANNOT CONFIRM OR DENY THE EXISTENCE OF THIS LIFEFORM.” Nor can it confirm the existence of Mothra, Gamera, Rodan, or Mecha-Godzilla. However if you type in “Jet Jaguar,” it responds with “PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH,” which I thought was pretty damn funny.

We’ll get our first official look at the movie tomorrow, with the arrival of the first trailer. Godzilla stomps your local cineplex flat on May 16, 2014.