Godzilla Trailer Breakdown: Giant Monsters Are Rampaging And Bryan Cranston Is Mad As Hell

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

GFeatThe latest trailer for the Godzilla remake hit the internet yesterday and it was suitably epic. We not only saw scenes of rampant destruction, we got further hints that Godzilla won’t be the only big-ass monster making trouble for humanity when Gareth Edwards’ film hits theaters on May 16. There’s a lot going on in the trailer, so we went through it with a giant, radioactive fine-toothed comb just to spot all the points of interest. We’ve got our insights below, followed by a big-ass gallery culled from throughout the trailer.

We see tons of destruction throughout the trailer, ranging from a downed passenger plane, to a ravaged Las Vegas Strip, to jet fighters being slapped out of the sky by…something. This moment early on seems to be just more of the same, but as we watch buildings toppling on the horizon, we had to wonder if this is the aftermath of a kaiju attack, or if one of the enormous bastards — Godzilla or otherwise — is still on the move, hidden by the dust clouds.


I love this next shot, playing on the cliche that disaster movies like Godzilla almost always feature shots of one iconic landmark or another being destroyed. Having the miniature Statue of Liberty in Vegas, rather than the actual original one, is a nice touch.


One of my favorite bits from the trailer is the revelation that the nuclear tests in the Pacific weren’t actually tests at all — they were attempts to kill Godzilla. Apparently somebody on the Anti-Godzilla Nuke Squad was feeling artistic.


Here’s one of the trailer’s first hints at the inclusion of kaiju other than the title creature. It’s hard to tell what we’re looking at, because it seems to mix something biological and monster-y with what appears to be a missile of some sort. I got no clue what we’re looking at, honestly.


And here’s another critter of some sort. It’s big and winged — Rodan, maybe? The second shot shows what we’re assuming is the same creature plunging beneath the waves. It’s hard to tell if the two spikes diving into the water are the wings being swept back or perhaps the actual hind end of the creature. You can see one of the unfortunate jets spiraling downward on the right side.



More monster hints: Ken Watanabe’s character discovers a big-ass skeleton underground…


…and here’s another giant monster appendage of some sort. Looks vaguely insect-like to me.