It’s A Back To The Future Reunion As Christopher Lloyd Visits The Michael J. Fox Show

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Doc1Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back together for one last adventure! Okay, so not quite, but there’s still something about these pictures of Christopher Lloyd guest-starring on Michael J. Fox’s aptly titled Michael J. Fox Show that puts a big stupid grin on my face. And it looks like there may be some laser tag shenanigans involved. This is heavy.

The Hollywood Reporter premiered the images today, which are taken from an as-yet-unidentified upcoming episode of NBC’s Michael J. Fox Show. The show, which is based in part on Fox’s real-life struggles with Parkinson’s disease, has Fox in the role of Mike Henry, a former news anchor who had to quit his job because of his health situation. The show follows his family and life as he tries to re-enter the workplace. THR reveals that Lloyd, best known for the fuzzy-headed eccentric genius Dr. Emmett Brown in all three Back to the Future films, will be playing the principal of the high school where Mike’s wife Annie (Betsy Brandt) teaches. Apparently he’ll butt heads with Fox’s character for some reason. (Presumably because Mike keeps trying to get him to read a letter about the future.) It looks like they’re work out their differences via laser tag, an approach we here at GFR heartily endorse.


Lloyd had an early career hit playing the goofy Reverend Jim on Taxi, and he’s popped up all over the small screen in the years since, notably with small roles on shows such as Chuck and Fringe. As for Fox, he’s starred in not one, but two hit shows: in the ‘80s staple Family Ties as staunch conservative Alex P. Keaton, and in the 1996 series Spin City, where he played New York City Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty. He departed that latter series in 2000 after his Parkinson’s worsened. Since then he’s appeared on shows such as Scrubs, Rescue Me, and The Good Wife, but The Michael J. Fox Show is his first time headlining a series again.

There are no further details about Lloyd’s appearance on the show at this point, but the Fox Show just aired its fall finale this past Thursday. We’ll just have to wait until 2014 to see Fox and Lloyd’s onscreen reunion. If only we had some means of traveling through time

You can see more pics from the episode over at The Hollywood Reporter. The Michael J. Fox Show returns with new episodes on Thursday, January 2 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.